7 Most Fashionable Cities of the World ...


7 Most Fashionable Cities of the World ...
7 Most Fashionable Cities of the World ...

Fashionable cities are more than just the people that make up the population. Cultural aspects also play a major part in determining a city’s style credentials. Cities like Paris and Milan are historically fashionable cities, while others like Stockholm and Tokyo are making their mark in more modern ways. Take a look at the following fashion capitals and let us know what you think makes a fashionable city.

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Paris It might be cliché, but Paris is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Both French men and women are stereotyped for their effortlessly chic fashion sensibilities. And really, it’s hard not to be so stylish when so many of the biggest fashion brands are present on nearly every street corner.



Milan Milan is another internationally recognised fashion capital of the world. It is a historically fashion-centric city with many of the big Italian luxury fashion houses based in the city. Milan also hosts international fashion weeks and is home to many fashion institutions and agencies.



London Along with Paris and Milan, London is consistently one of the most fashionable cities in the world. London is a modern mixing pot of cultures and this is evident when you look at the style of its inhabitants. From bold and brash styles to more traditionally refined dressing, anything goes in this city.


New York

New York New York is home to international fashion weeks, Sex and The City, and arguably some of the most iconic shopping districts in the world. It’s also where American Vogue is based and, therefore, where the all-mighty Anna Wintour dictates what will and won’t be in fashion each season. As far as fashionable cities go, New York has a lot of cred.



Melbourne The residents of this Australian city are known for their fashion-forward style. Melbourne has traditionally been seen as one of the more culturally diverse cities on the Australian landscape, which helps gives it its fashion status. The city is also host to one of the biggest fashion festivals in Australia and is a well known shopping mecca.



Tokyo For quirky, unique, and slightly oddball fashion, you can’t go past Tokyo. It is home to popular shopping districts such as Harajuku and Shibuya and is also well known for giving rise to a range of bizarre fashion subcultures. Tokyo is truly the place to go to experience the full scope of Japanese fashion.



Stockholm While it’s not as showy as Paris or Milan, Stockholm is a solid fashionable contender. Swedish fashion has a unique minimalist quality about it which is evident in the designs of many of its popular brands like H&M, Acne, and Cheap Monday. Take a look at any Stockholm street style blog and you’ll quickly realise that it is a truly fashionable city.

From the big international fashion week players to cities half a world away, fashionable cities are dotted all around the world. What do you think makes a fashionable city? Are there any more you’d like to add to the list?

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yes paris is the most fashionable city in the world......

u forgot india

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