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14 Japanese Fashion Subcultures That Will Fill You with Wonder ...

By Sheila

When it comes to fashion, no one does it like the Japanese! It's incredible just how many fashion subcultures there are, and just how amazing each one is. As far as they're concerned, fashion is not just about clothing, it is a way of life. Check out these fabulous Japanese fashion subcultures. They are sure to blow your mind!

1 Sweet Lolita

Sweet LolitaLolita is one of the most common Japanese fashion subcultures and has plenty of followers worldwide. A sweet Lolita is characterized by Victorian inspired clothing, ruffles, pastel colors, bows, and all things cute.

2 Kogal

KogalThe Kogal style involves wearing a Japanese school uniform with shortened skirts, dyed hair, tan skin, scarves and loose socks.

3 Decora

DecoraThe Decora fashion subculture is certainly not for the faint of heart. Think bright colors, layers of cute accessories, colorful socks (also worn in layers), legwarmers, stuffed animals(!), and colorful bags.

4 Fairy Kei

Fairy KeiSweet Lolita meets Decora with an 80s twist. Think pastel colors, tutus, faux fur, and iconic cartoons from the 80s. How fun!

5 Gothic Lolita

Gothic LolitaThe name says it all, doesn't it? A Gothic Lolita is characterized by dark Victorian clothing (usually black) and dark makeup.

6 Oji Lolita or Kodona

Oji Lolita or KodonaSimply put, this style involves women dressing up in boys style clothes from the Victorian era. So chic!

7 Gyaru

GyaruThis is a rather glamorous style that is characterized by dramatic makeup, fake lashes, long nails, and even wigs that are usually blonde.

8 Ganguro

GanguroThink extreme tans, bleached hair, white eyeliner and bright clothes!

9 Shironuri

ShironuriShironuri literally translates to "painted in white". So of course, there's white makeup involved. The clothes are a combination of Lolita and traditional Japanese clothes such as the kimono.

10 Visual Kei

Visual KeiVisual Kei is inspired by Japanese rock and punk bands. Think unusual hairstyles, flamboyant clothes and dark eye makeup.

11 Cult Party Kei

Cult Party KeiThis Japanese fashion subculture includes layers of fabric in soft colors, bows, bible prints, and relatively natural looking hair and makeup.

12 Dolly Kei

Dolly KeiDolly Kei is a style that is inspired by vintage dolls and clothing. It's such a whimsical look!

13 Mori Kei

Mori KeiMori basically means forest so think soft, loose dresses, neutral colors, pretty hair accessories (usually floral), braids, and bangs. So pretty!

14 Wa Lolita

Wa LolitaThis style combines elements of the Lolita style with traditional Japanese clothing.

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the many Japanese subcultures out there. I for one love how much time and effort goes into creating each of these looks. Are you a fan of Japanese fashion styles?

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