7 Types of Pants to Stock up on for Fall ...


7 Types of Pants to Stock up on for Fall ...
7 Types of Pants to Stock up on for Fall ...

There are all kinds of popular pants for fall you'll want in your closet. Some of them have been around for several seasons but others are just now coming into fashion. If you're looking to update your wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons of 2012, it's time to start looking for some new, stylish fall pants! From wide legs to pleats, you'll be surprised at the sheer variety you'll find in stores. Take a look at these fabulous, fashionable pants for fall to see what I mean!

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Wide-Legged Pants

Wide-Legged Pants All you long-legged girls were just made to wear wide-legged pants for fall. My shorty sisters, if you're super confident (and perhaps more adept than I at walking in heels), then this look is ideal for you, too. Specifically, flowing and fabulous palazzo pants are all the rage, especially with tighter fitting tops and tailored coats. They're a great alternative at the office, they look fantastic in dark solid colors or floral prints, and they come in varying degrees of width. So, tall or short, you'll definitely be able to find a pair you love.


High-Waisted Pants

High-Waisted Pants Lots of pant styles for fall make use of the high-waisted look. It's actually really cute – in its place, with the right complementary pieces. However, if you have a shorter torso, steer clear. Otherwise, keep to really tailored tops, boots, and high heels. Don't be afraid to get slightly Victorian either: add a Gothic bag, for instance, and a coat with a similarly high collar.


Tailored Trousers

Tailored Trousers The tailored look never goes out of style and it continues as a reigning look in the coming seasons. Whether you go with solid colors, pinstripes, or daring checks and plaids, make sure your trousers fit close. Not tight, mind you, these aren't skinny jeans. You just want a sleek, polished look, whether you're pairing your trousers with a casual cardigan or a complementary suit coat at the office. Again, high heels match best, whether you're wearing pumps or booties.


Pants with Pleats

Pants with Pleats Pleated pants for fall are a little vintage, a little retro. They typically have a very tight fit at the ankles, mimicking another trend you'll find on this list. They're great for work but they're also an ideal alternative to an LBD when you're going out on the town. You can pair them with practically anything, especially leather coats or metallic accents.


Velvet Leggings

Velvet Leggings Romantic velvet leggings and trousers make surprisingly popular fall pants this season. They're certainly warm, so you'll easily be able to withstand the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. They're also extremely flattering, especially when you get them in darker, more dramatic colors like black, wine red, or dark bottle green. Midnight blue is a fantastic choice as well. They pair well with oversized shirts, sweater dresses, and more tailored pieces.


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Boyfriend jeans are still here! Baggier, comfy, and incredibly cute, they're ideal for casual occasions – although probably not Casual Fridays. They're not the best pick for the office, but they're ideal for shopping excursions, hanging out with the girls, or any other time you want to feel comfortable. They, too, look amazing with oversized tops, boyfriend blazers, sneakers, and any number of other pieces. Just watch your ankles when it's really cold!


Sleek Cigarette Pants

Sleek Cigarette Pants If you're looking for some really stunning pants for fall, cigarette trousers get my vote. They're not quite capri pants, not quite cropped pants, and not quite pleated trousers. They're something all their own, and actually hearken back to the days when women started standing up for their own and wearing pants in the first place. Channel a serious Mary Tyler Moore or Lucille Ball vibe when you choose subtly metallic cigarette pants with a fitted, formal top and high heels. Who needs a dress now?

Don't forget, before buying any new pants for fall, you have to know what suits your body type. For instance, I'm incredibly short, so I never really feel comfortable in wide-legged pants. Certain pairs look all right, but I always have to try them on first, whereas I always know that boot leg flares look good. Just experiment, try on different styles, and discover what makes you feel fabulous! Do any of these pant styles for fall get you excited? Let me know what fantastic fall fashions have you running to the stores!

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