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7 Pieces of Advice You Need before You Shop for Shorts This Spring ...

By Alicia

You need these 7 pieces of advice before you shop for shorts this spring. The time to shop for shorts is going to be here soon. It is always good to have some helpful hints in mind before you hit the mall. While shorts are not always the most fashionable item you can purchase, the truth is that sometimes it is just hot and you need them. Getting these pieces of advice in mind before you shop for shorts will help to make it easier for you.

1 Consider Length

Consider LengthOne thing you want to consider before you shop for shorts is what length that you want. You need to consider what you personally feel comfortable with as well as other factors. Your height is also a factor to think about. Generally, the shorter you are, the shorter your inseam can be. You also need to remember that your shorts will shrink a little bit after you launder them.

2 Watch the Cut of the Leg Opening

Watch the Cut of the Leg OpeningIt is important to consider the cut of the leg opening on shorts you are considering. Does it flatter you? I tend to like a leg opening that is straight but not fitted on shorts. Wide leg openings on shorts may flatter women that have more of a boxy figure on top but if you are more evenly proportioned, you should probably go for a straight leg opening. Try them on to see which opening you like best.


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3 Don’t Let Your Shorts Take Center Stage

Don’t Let Your Shorts Take Center StageMost fashion experts agree that shorts are not a fashion centerpiece, nor should they be. Because of this, it is best not to let them take center stage. You can prevent this by focusing on the tops that you wear with your shorts. Wear accessories to balance out your look, too. Try to avoid vivid or wildly patterned shorts.

4 Go for Basic Colors

Go for Basic ColorsThere are several reasons to go for basic colors in shorts. One, it helps to prevent them from becoming center stage in your outfit. Secondly, they are so much more versatile. My favorite shorts are white, khaki and black. I can mix and match these with almost all of my tops. While I have saw some really cute shots in colors like coral and aqua, I know that they are not versatile at all and I would not get a lot of wear out of them.

5 Look in the Mirror

Look in the MirrorWhen you go shopping for shorts, you need to try them on. After you try them on, don’t just feel them out for a fit. Look in the mirror. How do they look on you? Be sure to check them out from all angles.

6 Avoid Pleats like the Plague

Avoid Pleats like the PlaguePleats are not your friends, ladies. Not in a pair of shorts, anyways. They scream mom attire. Go for a straight cut. If you don’t believe me, look at some pictures of pleats versus straight shorts and then let me know what you think.

7 Wear Them Confidently

Wear Them ConfidentlyOne mistake women make when it comes to shorts is that they wear them self-consciously. They aren’t comfortable showing off their legs. If that is a personal conviction then that is fine; it's a personal decision. But if you don’t have personal convictions, don’t let shorts intimidate you. Wear them confidently. When you do that, don’t be surprised if you get some compliments on how great they look on you.

Shopping for shorts can be tricky. What advice do you follow when you shop for them? Share your wisdom with us!

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