7 Must Haves for Your Spring Wardrobe ...


Yay! Spring is here and it's finally time to strut your stuff instead of hiding behind baggy coats. What are the must have pieces for spring fashion? Let Anita be your guide. Thanks Anita for the fashiontastic post!

You can finally loose your heavy coat and slip into something cute and light. You don't have to wear your winter boots and that furry coat. If you want to keep up with the tides of style, there is no shortage of inspiration. For the spring of 2013 we will zone in on abstract prints, bright colors, dewy makeup and accessories. If you want to hit the fashion highway, take a peep at the hot stylish key pieces for your spring wardrobe.

1. Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Spring is a time when flowers are blooming, so why shouldn't you. This spring calls for bold colors, and bright prints. It’s about getting noticed and standing out. So embrace the bold and the bright!

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