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7 Fabulous but Inexpensive Fashion Websites ...

By Amber

I love looking at a trend on the runway, and thinking "I can totally pull that off," and you what? I'm right! The trick for doing it on my college student budget is shopping at these 7 fabulous but inexpensive fashion websites. Not only is it more affordable, and trendy, but it also cuts shopping time in half, and arrives right at my door. You, too, can be marvelous by shopping at these inexpensive fashion websites and stores. How much more perfect can it get?

1 Top Shop

I mean, you would have been upset if this wasn’t included right? Top Shop has some of the cutest, and affordable clothing I’ve seen this year. This UK Company has started giving us fashion goodies in the U.S, but unfortunately, it’s only online. And it’s not a bad thing! You can browse through hundreds of different, edgy, cutesy, fun pieces in a matter a minutes. You can find items for as low as $15, they have 20% discount for students (yes!), and all orders over $50 — which is so easy to spend — are shipped at no cost! Top Shop is fashion gold people! It’s easily one of the best fabulous but inexpensive fashion websites out there.

2 Lulu’s

This site is one of my personal favorites. They have everything a fashionista would want: undergarments, bikinis, dresses, shirts, accessories, and the list goes on. They always have awesome sales, and offer free shipping on orders totaling $50 and it’s free to return items too! It’s super affordable, and they have a Facebook page where they host daily contests to win a shopping spree. How cool is that? I love Lulu's!

3 Forever 21

You just cannot make an inexpensive fashion website list without mentioning Forever 21. It is another gold mine for cheap, cute clothing. The great part about it is that you can find great deals online, that you’d never find in the actual store. They have a superb men’s section as well, so that your honey (if you have one) won’t feel left out! They have a mobile app, items as low as $2.80, offer free shipping on orders over $50 and have constant sales/flash sales going on, which feed the inner shopping goddess in you.

4 Nasty Gal

I love Nasty Gal because unlike its name, the clothes they have are gorgeous. You get 25% off on your first order, which is impressive. They have a good selection of trendy fashion pieces that will make you look your best. You can find items for tremendously low prices, but not at the sacrifice of good quality items. You also get free overnight shipping on orders totaling $150. Their look books also give you inspiration for outfit ideas!

5 Tobi

If your goal is to mix high-end fashion pieces with low-end fashion pieces, Tobi is another fabulous but inexpensive fashion website to do just that. They have items for low prices, and they offer free shipping on orders $75 and above. The cool part is that on new arrivals, it’s all 30% off! They have great customer service, and the site is easy to use. Their pieces are great and they offer a fine selection of trendy stuff. They even give you 50% off of your first purchase. I don’t think that I can resist a shopping opportunity as rare as that.

6 Agaci

Aagci is a remarkable site that has all the awesome fashion pieces you’d want in your closet. They have a 60% off section that has cute accessories and clothing. They even have phone cases for under $5... what a steal! Like the other sites, there’s free shipping on orders $50 or more and free returns. I definitely will be shopping here for summer clothes. It’s a good alternative to shopping in the stores and one of the best fabulous but inexpensive fashion websites you could find.

7 Asos

Free Shipping, Free Shipping! It’s worth saying it twice because the deal is just so wonderful. If you’re not in a rush to receive your new purchases, you could opt for free domestic shipping, which arrives in 5-8 days! They have an awesome selection of clothing and they also have beauty products too. You could rack up on nail polish, lipstick and mascara and not feel guilty because you’re saving on shipping... this is why I love ASOS!

These fabulous but inexpensive sites would definitely enhance your wardrobe. It could make you into the best-dressed person, anywhere you are! I love these sites and there are so many other great sites I haven’t listed. Hopefully you discover them and it’ll help you look your best! Are there any fabulous but inexpensive fashion websites you like?

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