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7 Vintage Fashions I Love ...

By Elizabeth

I am a girl that is very much into vintage fashions! Sometimes, I think I may have been born in the wrong era. Have you ever felt that way? Do you ever feel that way? Are you a girl into vintage fashions as well? If you are, you will probably enjoy reading my favorite vintage fashions below!

Table of contents:

  1. 50's dresses
  2. 1950's furs
  3. 1940's hair
  4. 1920's jewelry
  5. 1960's jackets
  6. 1970's flow
  7. 1900's lace

1 50's Dresses

Of all the wonderful vintage fashions I love, one of my favorites would have to be the beautiful dresses of the 1950's! Give me a 1950's style midi dress any day! Are they not just darling? And oh, how I love those cute little gloves and gorgeous shoes they wore! Oh how delightfully perfect!

2 1950's Furs

Now, I know that these days, there is a "stink" that comes along with wearing real furs. In some areas, you risk danger to yourself by wearing a fur. But I can't help but love the look of some of these beautiful furs! Now, sure, I will take faux fur any day over the real deal, but real or not, it is gorgeous!

3 1940's Hair

Such lovely hair do's! The ladies of the 1940's sure knew how to make their hair marvelous, didn’t' they? If only I could get my hair to cooperate like that...

4 1920's Jewelry

I adore the long multi-layered necklaces the ladies in this decade wore! Pearls upon pearls and many times, a pendant and chain thrown into the mixture as well. Also, a great deal of their outfits was topped with furs or boas as well. That's a lot of layers around the neck! But don't you just love it?

5 1960's Jackets

Say what you want to, but the double breasted jackets and coats of the 60's were perfect then and are still wonderful today! If I could, I would have many items of this style in my wardrobe! All colors! But my closet (nor my wallet) is quite big enough for such a collection. Do you like this style of coat?

6 1970's Flow

What is not to love about fashion in the 70's, man? There were long, flowing, bright colors, flowing sleeves, care-free hair and plenty of love to go around! That was also the decade of the birth of our well-loved maxi dresses! Oh, and what about those platform shoes, huh?

7 1900's Lace

I am definitely a girl that is into lace. I love lacy things! There is a part of me that would absolutely wear a 1900's style lace dress out in public today, without a second thought as to what anyone would think of me! Everything back then was so flowing and feminine! Very flattering! And I just love the fans they carried! Did you know there was even a "fan language" the ladies used? Life back then must have been so nice!

I am most certainly a woman into all things vintage and retro. Vintage fashions are incredible, aren't they? I do confess the 80's and 90's hold no special interest to me. I really don't care for the styles during that time. But the 70's on back, absolutely! Where is the nearest time travel machine? Well, you have read my favorite things in the fashion history, but I want to know what yours is? Are you a 70's hippie chick? Maybe you are a 20's flapper? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know what fashion era you like best!

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