This is How Short Women Can Wear the Trendy T-Shirt Dress ...

The t-shirt dress is high on the trend list for this spring and summer and why wouldn’t it be? It’s simple, it’s versatile and it’s super easy- unless you happen to be a short woman. Then, it can be a bit tricky. Your t-shirt dress can end up looking like a fit and flare without the fit! These tips can help women on the petite side to wear a t-shirt dress with ease.

1. Don’t Size up

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If you’re a short woman and trying to pull off a t-shirt dress, it can be overwhelming to your figure. If you’re not careful, you can look like you’re swimming in it. To avoid this, be sure and get a t-shirt dress that fits perfectly. This’s not a clothing item you want to leave some extra room in. Don’t be afraid to let your curves show a little!

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