Fashionista Secrets to Achieving the Minimalist-Chic Style ...


Fashionista Secrets to Achieving the Minimalist-Chic Style ...
Fashionista Secrets to Achieving the Minimalist-Chic Style ...

The minimalist-chic style is a popular trend that really isn't a trend at all. At the core, minimalist-chic is classic, simple, and focuses on quality and texture. It's effortless street-style that's simple and elegant. Ideally, the minimalist aspect means everything in your closet pairs with everything else and you always have an awesome outfit. Stick to a color scheme and go from there! Keep reading for some easy tips on how to achieve this style.

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Go for "undone" Rather than Done-up

Go for "undone" Rather than Done-up Truly fashionable people look effortless in their style and this rings true for the minimalist-chic style. Textured waves, rather than tight curls, and minimal makeup. For wardrobe choices, pairing casual with more formal is key to looking chic and effortlessly "undone".


Limit Accessories

Limit Accessories Accessories truly can make or break an outfit. Have you ever admired an outfit and thought that it would be absolutely perfect if there weren't so many accessories? Too many additions can distract from the outfit as a whole. Stick to a single pendant necklace or stacked bracelets for a minimal look.


Think Classy, Not Trendy

Think Classy, Not Trendy Trends come and go constantly and are always burning a hole in your picket while leaving you with nothing to wear! That's because trendy isn't versatile. The minimalist chic style focuses on classy and timeless. Build a classic wardrobe and you won't have jumbled, mismatched trendy pieces taking up valuable space in your closet! If you want to try a trend, stick to accessories instead of clothing.


Invest in Basics

Invest in Basics Neutral basics, like a layering tank or classic dark wash denim, are the foundation of a minimalist-chic wardrobe. Good quality basics with the perfect fit will hold up their shape and have less visible wear and tear- that means money saved in the long run! They go with any outfit and always deliver that perfect look and feel. These foundational pieces are an investment for an outstanding and functional wardrobe.


Buy Less but Better

Buy Less but Better I've seen this phrase all over the place and it's quite profound. Most of us can agree that shopping is fun and somewhat addictive! However, shopping just to shop usually leads to wasted money on items we don't really need or clothing we won't actually wear. To prevent this, shop with purpose, less often, and buy better quality items! What works for me is "window" shopping online first and then mentally deciding what I want before making a purchase, either online or in store. I'm almost always satisfied with my purchases when I use this method!


Do a Deep Clean of Your Closet

Do a Deep Clean of Your Closet Before you actually go shopping for more items that you *think* you need, do a deep clean/purge of your closet first. Get rid of what doesn't fit, what's worn out, and what doesn't flatter or isn't your personal style anymore. What's left might be the bare bones, but you'll see only items you love and what's probably your current rotation anyway! Fill in any gaps over time and with careful thought.


Define Your Personal Style

Define Your Personal Style Perhaps the hardest part about achieving the minimalist-chic look is discovering your personal style. You may look at your closest and see a bunch of different styles, colors and patterns. Once you do a deep clean, you'll be able see (without the clutter) what you actually wear and gravitate towards. Your style should accommodate your lifestyle most importantly, be comfortable and flattering, and be a color palette that you're drawn too and that's flattering for your skin tone. Stick mainly to neutrals, either warm or cool tones for most pieces, and an accent color(s), like jewel tones.


Use Minimal Color

clothing, footwear, leg, high heeled footwear, thigh, To achieve the proper minimalist look, you cannot overdo color. Sparks of color here and there in your ensemble is excellent! But trying to do color head to toe is not. Be sure to balance colors and neutrals correctly as well.


Put in the Work

black, clothing, human positions, sitting, design, In order to become the minimalist-chic queen, you must put in the work. Carefully select your outfit and accessories, train yourself to perfect your natural style that is best suited for you. Like anything else, it takes practice. You will need to learn to use your selected pieces to create dramatic looks over and over. Think like you're packing for vacation and can only take 5 shirts! How will you mix it up?


Don't Think Basic

clothing, girl, leg, footwear, sitting, While your clothes coloring may be simple, and neutral, you can definitely spice things up by selecting different cuts, textures, and even outfit structure by mixing and matching hemlines and fit styles.

There you have it- some simple ways you can achieve the minimalist-chic style! If the look itself seems a little ambiguous still, you can always check out Pinterest for inspiration! What is your take on the minimalist-chic style? Is it your thing or do you prefer more pizzazz?

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These were all brilliant! Such good tips! It's hard building a proper wardrobe. Thanks :)

Great tips! Thanks

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