8 of the Best Ways to Wear Stripes This Season ...


8 of the Best Ways to Wear Stripes This Season ...
8 of the Best Ways to Wear Stripes This Season ...

When it comes to ways to wear stripes this season, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer understated looks or statement-making ones, there’s a variety of ways to style stripes this season. The striped shirt is a classic, but look to other items such as striped pants or accessories for an outfit update. Take a look at a number of chic and stylish ways to wear stripes, below.

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Striped Pants

Striped Pants Patterned and printed pants are all the rage right now. If floral or graphic printed pants aren’t your thing, why not choose a simpler striped pattern instead? When looking at this particular way to wear stripes, choose vertical stripes for a more flattering appearance.


Stripes on Stripes

Stripes on Stripes If you really love your stripes, then wear the look head-to-toe. Team a striped top with striped bottoms for a fun seasonal look. To make this look work, either mix different styles of stripes together or use contrasting and complementary colours.


In Colour

In Colour Steer clear of navy, black and cream colours this season and embrace your stripes in an assortment of rainbow-inspired hues. Either opt for stripes items in a single bright colour or go for a multicoloured garment. The look is fun, happy, and perfect for the summer months.



Vertically Vertical, or awning, stripes are a chic alternative to horizontal or Breton styles. We touched on this in the first tip with striped pants, but choosing a blouse or skirt with vertical stripes can look great too.


Striped Accessories

Striped Accessories If you’re looking at different ways to wear stripes, try donning a striped accessory. A striped clutch is an on-trend option for right now. You could also try striped headbands, jewellery, or shoes.


Suited up

Suited up The short suit is a chic option for tailored dressing this season. Get your hands on a striped matching blazer and tailored shorts combo to pull off a casually polished new season look.


Clashed with Prints

Clashed with Prints Prints on prints on prints – that’s the look this season. Try teaming a striped top with a geometric print skirt for a fresh and funky look. When it comes ways to wear stripes like this, try sticking to similar colours for a streamlined look. The art of clashing prints can be hard to master, so experiment with different combinations to find your favourite.



Boldly Make a statement with clothing that features wide stripes. A boldly striped shift dress or vertically striped pants are all smart options for wearing stripes this way. Since the look is quite commanding, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple.

There are plenty of different ways to wear stripes this season. You can try working new season trends by clashing prints or wearing colour, or opt for updated takes on the classic striped garment. What’s your favourite way to wear stripes?

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