10 Tips for Wearing Denim on Denim ...


10 Tips for Wearing Denim on Denim ...
10 Tips for Wearing Denim on Denim ...

How to wear all denim and still look chic? Yes, contrary to popular belief, wearing denim on denim can look stylish. What was once a major fashion faux pas is now seemingly the look du jour, with many fashion designers and celebrities embracing the denim on denim trend. Try your hand at the denim on denim craze by taking a look at this denim wearing how-to.

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Wear Contrasting Washes

Wear Contrasting Washes Wearing contrasting denim washes will help break up the overall denim-ness of your outfit. An effective option is to wear a chambray shirt with a pair of dark denim jeans. Easy, simple, chic.


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple The key for how to wear all denim is to keep your outfit simple. Less is more, so keep it simple with two denim pieces of clothing in classic cuts. Break it up with basics and neutral accessories.


Wear Colored Denim

Wear Colored Denim A cheeky way to pull off the denim on denim look is to make it look like you’re not wearing double denim at all! Brightly colored denim jeans, skirts, and shorts can all be paired with a classic blue rinse shirt for a fresh and fun look.


Pare down the Accessories

Pare down the Accessories When looking at how to wear all denim, simplicity is the key. Stick to a pared down look with versatile accessories. If you want to wear a statement piece, keep it to a single piece of jewellery, shoes, or a bag.


Break It up with Prints

Break It up with Prints Think your denim on denim look is missing a little something? Liven it up with some of this season’s must-have prints. A printed shirt worn under an open denim jacket or shirt is a great way to break up a denim top and bottoms combo.


Keep It Polished

Keep It Polished Avoid looking like you just threw on whatever you had lying around by making your denim on denim outfit look like it was carefully thought out. A crisp shirt tucked into denim jeans or a skirt, paired with patent accessories and polished makeup, is a stylish way for how to wear all denim.


Break It up with a Belt

Break It up with a Belt If you’re wearing denim on your top half and bottom half, break up the look with a belt. Try threading a slim leopard print belt through the belt loops for a quirky addition to your denim on denim look.


Layer up

Layer up When you think of how to wear all denim, you usually imagine denim on the top and bottom. Why not try layering a denim jacket over a denim shirt for something a bit different?


Patch It up


An interesting way to work the denim on denim look is to embrace the recent trend of patchwork denim. A clean cut mid-wash denim shirt with dark patch pockets is a smart way to work the look.


Different Denim Accessories

Different Denim Accessories If the thought of denim on your top and bottom halves is just too much, you can always work double denim in other ways. Work a denim headband or unassuming clutch into your outfit for a different way to work the double denim trend.

Have you made it through this denim wearing how-to? Are you sick of denim yet? If not, then you’re probably a good candidate for working this trend right. Make the double denim look work for you with these tips for how to wear all denim.

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