7 Fab Ways to Style a Cape Coat ...

Victoria Beckham, the β€˜posh’ trendsetter, made headlines with her fashionable strut in the airport. Draped in a stylish figure-hugging cape coat, she made quite an impression with platform suede boots and large accessories. After the silent sign of approval from this notable designer, I imagine a lot of you will want to purchase or flaunt your very own trendy cape coat. Give yourself up to its sleek lines and distinct silhouette as you flaunt the cape coat with sexy pizzazz. Cape coats have different styles so choose a style befitting your personality. Read on and glean ideas on my list of the 7 fab ways to style a cape coat.

1. Winter Gorgeous

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A cape coat with an elegant shape is best for high-profile gatherings or a night on the town. Layer it up with a cardigan over a chic form-fitting, long sleeved blouse in a complimentary color. Slip into black skinny jeans and trendy ankle boots to complete your fabulous winter look.

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