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7 Ways to Dress up a Denim Shirt ...

By Sophia

How to dress up a denim shirt is on your need to know list for right now. Denim is a firm favourite on the fashion scene, and the denim shirt is a timeless classic. It’s a popular look and if you know how to dress up denim shirts you’ll be sorted for nearly all occasions! Take a look at the following few tips on how to dress up your denim shirt for a fresh new look.

1 Tuck into a Leather Skirt

Tuck into a Leather SkirtGive this typically casual clothing option a bit of edge by tucking it into a black leather skirt. If you’re feeling daring and have the body to go with it, choose a fitted style. Alternatively, you could opt for a fuller or pleated style leather skirt. Finish the look off with ankle boots for something grungy or ballet flats for a more feminine touch.

2 With Cropped Pants

With Cropped PantsIf you want to know how to dress up a denim shirt, just pop on a pair of fitted cropped pants. Choose a pair of pants in a neutral colour for a more classic look. Make sure the denim shirt is tucked in and for a bit of extra polish, add a slim patent belt to the look.

3 Layer under a Jacket

Layer under a JacketCreate a bit of interest to the top half of your outfit by layering your denim shirt under a tailored or structured jacket. This way, the jacket is the focal point of your outfit and the denim shirt acts as a bit of an unexpected twist.

4 With Coloured Jeans

With Coloured JeansColoured jeans are must-haves right now and when it comes to how to dress up a denim shirt they’re an easy option. Coloured jeans are also a cheeky option if you still want to wear denim bottoms but aren’t too fond of the typical blue denim on denim look.

5 Tuck into a Pencil Skirt

Tuck into a Pencil SkirtIf you want to know how to dress up denim shirts, it’s all about creating a streamlined look. Wear a denim shirt tucked into a neutral pencil skirt for an understated look or make a bit more of a statement in a printed skirt. Make sure that when you tuck in your shirt, however, that it doesn’t bunch up underneath the skirt.

6 Stick to Darker Denims

Stick to Darker DenimsFaded and distressed denim tends to look more casual and relaxed. If you want your outfit to look dressier then choose a denim shirt in a darker colour. Go for clean finishes without any distressed or sandblasted details.

7 Accessorise with Metallics

Accessorise with MetallicsA quick way to dress up any outfit is with a bit of bling. Set a contrast to the hard working nature of denim by popping on some high-shine metallic jewels. A denim shirt buttoned up and worn with a silver collar necklace is just one chic and on-trend look you could try out. When it comes to how to dress up a shirt this way, it’s versatile and allows you to have fun with your look.

A denim shirt is a must-have for every wardrobe. Take your denim shirt from day to night with these easy tips for how to dress up a denim shirt. What are your best tips for how to dress up denim shirts?

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