7 Outfits from New Girl I Need in My Closet ...

There are so many outfits from “New Girl” that I would absolutely love to own. Honestly, I love the style that both Jess and Zooey Deschanel have and that’s why I had to write this article. During almost every episode I find myself saying, “I would love to wear that,” or “That’s so cute!” It only makes sense that I would make a list of seven outfits from “New Girl” I need in my closet.

1. White Dress

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I don’t think that I even have a reason to wear this dress, but I need it. Seriously, it’s so pretty and I love the way it looks on her. It may not look the same way on me since we have different body types, but I want it anyway. I’d probably wear it to work and anywhere else I could think of because I’m a little obsessed. I had completely forgotten about this dress until I was looking for pictures for this article. Since I found the picture I just can’t stop looking at it! This is one of my favorite outfits from “New Girl.”

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