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If you are a beginner to the trend, it's handy to know which outfits to incorporate in your cosplay collection. This collection of costumes expands beyond the normal collection of Cosplay options and branches into the more unique. While I have added a couple of oldies but goodies into the mix, I have found a few that could also help you to stand out from the crowd. Let's get this start now and learn some outfits to incorporate in your cosplay collection.

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Naughty Harley Quinn

Naughty Harley Quinn A norm among the cosplay costume collection pieces is to have a Harley Quinn option. However, instead of the boring jester costume, this choice presents you with a short skirt complete with petticoat which makes it a little more rockabilly. You can wear standard fish net pantyhose with this option or you can wear thigh high stockings. Either way, it's a must in your collection.


Anime Wonder Woman

Anime Wonder Woman I have seen a cosplayer wear this particular Wonder Woman costume previously. What makes it unique is the anime theme, which not everyone chooses. Unlike the standard option, this costume allows you to be Wonder Woman and an anime princess all at the same time. It's more fun in my opinion, but I follow the beat of my own drum and love to be a little outrageous.



Spider-Woman Yes, I know this Spider Woman costume is a bit—traditional, a little too true to the actual Spider-Man costume. What you can do to change this up is to add your own spin on the web that should flow down her arms and across her back. Try something completely different from the normal web and you make it a conversation piece that other cosplayers may not have dreamed up yet.


Selene from Underworld

Selene from Underworld amazon.com
Let's talk about cost and worth for a minute here. While I know this is not the complete ensemble for a Selene costume, it is the key piece of the entire outfit. Why? The details of the true to life Selene bustier are right there! All you need to complete this costume is a vinyl catsuit which you will wear this over, some boots from Hot Topic, and a ankle length vinyl or leather jacket. My point is, while this piece costs a great deal initially, it's leather! If you're a bit of a rebel like I am, you will find other areas of your wardrobe in which you can incorporate this piece.


Alice from Resident Evil

Alice from Resident Evil This is the original Alice costume from the Resident Evil movie franchise. While, yes, I know there are more elaborate options. This is the original and original is awesome. This is especially true, when you get to wear a half mini, half fancy dress with some boots like this. You can also get creative with your hair. If you don't want to make the hair color change permanent, you can use either Splat, which washes out within 40 shampoos or hair chalk.


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon is about to make a comeback, if you haven't already heard. This anime character is ever-popular and adorable. You can use this costume for Comic-Con or anything else you can possibly dream up. Get some knee high socks or thigh highs to go with this costume and you will thank me later.


Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride I love everything Tim Burton, and this costume doesn't disappoint. It takes an adorable twist to what you would expect from the costume industry. You will need to buy a wig to go with the costume to stay true to the real character. I'd suggest getting some special effects make-up to add to your design. You may pay a little extra, but it will be worth it in the long run.

As you begin to cosplay, it's fun to learn as much as possible about the characters you wish to portray. Tutorials for make-up and costume additions are available everywhere to help you make your costume representation a huge success. What are some cosplay options you have tried and really loved?

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