7 Party Dresses from Ethical Brands ...


7 Party Dresses from Ethical Brands ...
7 Party Dresses from Ethical Brands ...

If you're looking for dresses from ethical brands, let guest contributor Emma Nutter be your guide.

Your Christmas outfit is now hanging back in the closet but do you have your dress for the biggest party of the year - New Year's Eve? Sustainable fashion is growing in popularity, with big brands, such as Timberland, releasing sustainable fashion lines. It’s a myth that sustainable fashion is ridiculously expensive and only for hemp-wearing hippies…and I’ll prove it with these seven gorgeous dresses.

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Colorblock Sleeveless Dress

Colorblock Sleeveless Dress Colorblock is always fun and this dress by Carrie Perry is perfect for parties! The best part is that you can dress it up or down as you please!


Vintage Renewal Wednesday Lace Dress

Vintage Renewal Wednesday Lace Dress Gothic vintage is bang on trend according to Vogue! This stunning black dress incorporates lace into the arms and a smart white collar. The dress is loose and has full-length sleeves, which makes it ideal for covering a multitude of sins. Find it at Urban Outfitters for $90.


Charcoal Twist Dress

Charcoal Twist Dress This form fitting knit dress is available from sustainable New York fashion brand – Study NY. Perfect for both office day wear and jazzing up with a pair of sparkly heels and a piece of statement jewelry for the evening – it costs $110.


Titania Inglis Dress

Titania Inglis Dress Another New York brand, Titania Inglis, creates unique, beautiful, high-end fashion pieces. Keen to reduce their environmental impact, all the fabrics used are organic and sewn in a small factory in New York. The dress pictured is from the 2013 Autumn/Winter range.


Carrie Parry Dress

Carrie Parry Dress New York seems to be the home of ethical fashion, with Carrie Parry being another brand located in the city. This dress combines a gorgeous floral print with transparent black material around the shoulders!


Elroy Apparel Sutera Sweater Dress

Elroy Apparel Sutera Sweater Dress Elroy Apparel produces sustainable pieces at affordable prices. There are loads of gorgeous colors to choose from, and this Sutera Sweater Dress is only $108. In festive red it looks fabulous, but will also keep you warm on the cold winter nights.


Takali Hemp Jersey Dress

Takali Hemp Jersey Dress This black jersey dress from Komodo Clothing is particularly flattering, and works well with a pair of patterned tights. Available from Komodo Clothing for $64.89.

As you can see there are loads of beautiful party dresses to choose from this season! With more and more brands releasing sustainable fashion lines, including Timberland, hopefully it will become the fashion of the future!

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