7 Life-Changing Clothes Shops That Every Classy Girl Needs to Know ...


7 Life-Changing Clothes Shops That Every Classy Girl Needs to Know ...
7 Life-Changing Clothes Shops That Every Classy Girl Needs to Know ...

If Audrey Hepburn influences your style, or you simply love classic clothing, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to find clothes that are just your style but are also still age appropriate. If you often find yourself looking for new stores to find clothes, this list has definitely got you covered for some new stores that you’re sure to find clothes you love, or even old stores you may have forgotten have clothes that you love!

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A lot of people think of H&M and think of crazy prints and strange silhouettes that don’t exactly scream “classic.” However, H&M is so much more than that. Not only do they have classic pieces, but they also have insanely gorgeous pieces that are meant to be work clothes, but can so easily be dressed down for your most gorgeous and polished style yet!



Madewell is technically a sister company of J.Crew, however they tend to style the clothes for the younger generation, so if you often feel out of place at J.Crew, this might be the answer to your style woes! The clothes at Madewell are so beautiful that you’ll immediately fall in love, and while your bank account may not thank you, your wardrobe definitely will!



If you’re like me and love J.Crew more than you can even articulate, you probably already covet a lot of clothes from J.Crew. However, if J.Crew is out of your price point but you still love the clothes, try J.Crew Factory. Rumor has it that they’re going to start opening new stores soon, that have clothes at a cheaper price point for all of us frugal girls out there!


Old Navy

If you just can’t wait for J.Crew to open up their new, slightly cheaper stores, Old Navy has actually become very good at creating clothes that are classic and polished. Their pieces are absolutely classic and can be dressed up or down no matter the event you’re attending!



GAP is a line that is essentially known for being classic, refined, and polished. In fact, I think I would argue that they haven’t changed a lot of the inventory in years, simply because it hasn’t gone out of style yet. If you haven’t perused the aisles of Gap in a while, it may be time to check it out again!



ASOS is every millennial girl’s online destination for her cutest outfits. Whether you want to wear something more whimsical or refined, you’ll be able to find your perfect outfit from ASOS, and soon you may even be able to find it at a store near you!



For years, I refused to shop at Loft, telling my mom that I thought it was too grown up for my style. However, when my mother dragged me into the store for the millionth time a few months ago, I realized just how amazing the clothes were, and how cost-effective they were, too. Sure, they’re not nearly as great as Forever 21 prices (what store is?) but for the quality and price, this is a store that you shouldn’t miss!

What’s your favorite store to shop for classic and polished clothes? Do you shop at any of these stores? Let me know where you love shopping in the comments!

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Shabby Apple



Love gap as well j crew

I work at Loft! I thought it was too grown as well but the clothing grew on me once I started working there.

I vote for Nordstrom.

Gap?? Garbage


Saks fifth avenue, Ann Taylor, bebe, etc

Ann Taylor. I found a $10 skirt at a thrift shop recently that could easily work for an office job

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