7 Classic Outfits to Steal from Blair Waldorf ...


It's been a while since Gossip Girl has been on the air, but our love for the show hasn't disappeared. How could it, when our favorite characters had such amazing fashion sense? If you don't remember how gorgeous the outfits looked, Glamour is here to remind you with some of the best outfits that Blair Waldorf once wore:

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A Tailored Pantsuit

A Tailored Pantsuit


A Shimmery Top and a-Line Skirt

A Shimmery Top and a-Line Skirt


A Skirt Suit

A Skirt Suit


A Colorful Coat

A Colorful Coat


A Leopard Print Dress

A Leopard Print Dress


A Cape

A Cape


A Belted Floral Dress

A Belted Floral Dress Which one of these outfits would you love to wear yourself?

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Nooooo. She wore much better outfits than these.

Ay no thanks

I like Blake Lively's more 😅❤️💋

These aren't very good looking

Agree with Natty.

These are cute but she's worn much cuter outfits

Number 6 is the best of a bad bunch

The pantsuit! Or the suited skirt (:

I love Blair Waldorf's style but this is very disappointing

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