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7 Cutest Airport Outfits for Women Who Love Functional Clothes ...

By Natalie

Vacation season is here, and the top question is about what airport outfits to wear. There is nothing worse than being at the airport and your flight is delayed. You’re looking fabulous, but feeling so uncomfortable. Yet you don’t want to start your holiday looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Here is how to get the right balance: staying stylish yet super comfy in your airport outfit.

1 A Scarf or Wrap

I don’t know about you, but with most of my outfits I finish them off with a scarf. Not only does it look good but it keeps away the chill in the massive airport. It's great before you board, but once you’re on the plane you can then use it as a blanket. You’re looking stylish, warm and not having to use up holiday outfit space by packing a blanket.

2 Travelling Pants

This is a travelling must have! Whether you’re in a car, train or on a plane, you want be comfy. Most high street shops sell these pants, they’re linen, they normally have an elastic or drawstring waistband and they're sold in many patterns to suit all. They go perfectly with a cami or cami crop. These pants are great as they suit all shapes and sizes, even suiting all ages!


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3 Easy Shoes

Have you ever been on a plane and all you want to do is relax, but your shoes are really not helping? Or when it’s time to get off the plane you have to lace your shoes up and hold up everyone around you. How about finding a pair of slip on shoes that are super comfy? Or look in your wardrobe - I’m sure you have a pair of cute dolly shoes.

4 No Skirts

Skirts may look cute and pretty but they really aren’t practical for travelling. I mean, you won’t be able to move your legs much or sleep. If you really feel the need to wear a stylish skirt, how about packing it in your carry on and having a quick change when you leave the flight? It might also be nice and refreshing to have a quick wardrobe change post flight.

5 Sunglasses

Even if you are not going to a Caribbean island, sunglasses are still a travelling must have. No one wants to go on a long flight with a full face of makeup, but I also know that none of us want to turn up to the hotel looking ill or like we’ve just woken up. A large pair of sunglasses can hide those eye bags and help you with looking fresh when you really aren’t at your best.

6 Playsuit

You may be thinking, why on earth would I want to wear a one-piece that is impossible to use the toilet in? However, these one-pieces are usually made from the comfiest material. If you find one that’s easy to get off, even better! Not only do they aid comfort, they also aid a stylish entrance and set the holiday off to a great start. You can also wear it on holiday and save on that precious suitcase room.

7 Knitwear

Knitwear is a must! Everyone loves snuggling up in their favourite cardigan or jumper. So why not bring your home comfort on the journey with you? By wearing knitwear, you’re not wearing multiple layers; therefore, if it gets too hot you can just take it off and only have one thing to carry.

Try out some of these airport outfits and see how much more at ease you are whilst travelling. What are your favourite airport outfits?

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