Cool Outfits to Try out for Women Who Have Nothing to Wear ...

By Eliza

Cool  Outfits to Try out  for Women Who Have Nothing  to Wear  ...

Have you ever looked at your bulging closet and wondered what you were going to wear. The best fashion stylists say that they shop their own closet, mixing and matching new and exciting outfits even when it feels like they don't have anything to put on. All it takes is seeing things in a new light to find great new outfits without having to buy anything. But, hey, if you see something you love here and need to shop for it, go for it! Here are some fabulous ideas that I think you're going to love.

Table of contents:

  1. dress up jeans with a fabulous jacket
  2. grab a bright handbag
  3. wear a light jean jacket with dark jeans
  4. wear a work shirt with skinny jeans
  5. dress up a neutral outfit with bright yellow
  6. pair a statement necklace with a casual look
  7. take shorts into fall with a great jacket
  8. loose and flowing on top, tight and skinny on bottom
  9. wear a structured jacket with overalls
  10. make an old t-shirt look a little bit rock and roll
  11. wear two bright colors together
  12. a t-shirt looks perfect with a pencil skirt
  13. hiking boots add new flair to an old outfit
  14. who says you can't wear tall boots with shorts?
  15. pile on clothes from all seasons
  16. add color to your basic black with a big scarf
  17. try flannel with leather
  18. a vest is perfect with shorts and a tee
  19. heels turn any outfit into a glam choice
  20. sparkle isn't just for the club
  21. go from summer to fall with a jacket and shorts

1 Dress up Jeans with a Fabulous Jacket

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2 Grab a Bright Handbag

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3 Wear a Light Jean Jacket with Dark Jeans


4 Wear a Work Shirt with Skinny Jeans


5 Dress up a Neutral Outfit with Bright Yellow


6 Pair a Statement Necklace with a Casual Look

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Source: MIROSLAVA DUMA - Yaiza Cudi

7 Take Shorts into Fall with a Great Jacket


8 Loose and Flowing on Top, Tight and Skinny on Bottom


9 Wear a Structured Jacket with Overalls


10 Make an Old T-shirt Look a Little Bit Rock and Roll

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11 Wear Two Bright Colors Together

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12 A T-shirt Looks Perfect with a Pencil Skirt


13 Hiking Boots Add New Flair to an Old Outfit


14 Who Says You Can't Wear Tall Boots with Shorts?


15 Pile on Clothes from All Seasons


16 Add Color to Your Basic Black with a Big Scarf


17 Try Flannel with Leather


18 A Vest is Perfect with Shorts and a Tee


19 Heels Turn Any Outfit into a Glam Choice


20 Sparkle Isn't Just for the Club


21 Go from Summer to Fall with a Jacket and Shorts

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,pattern, Do you have the pieces to put together one of these outfits? Which one is your favorite?

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