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These 19 Tight Designs Are Sure to Make a Statement ...

By Eliza

Tights have come a long way since you were a little girl. Gone are the basic boring white tights that you wore under your dress on picture day. Now, you can find tights that take any outfit to a whole new level. Pair any of the tights you see here with a skirt or dress and you'll be blown away by how totally awesome you look. Get ready for some compliments!

1 Try Some Tartan

Try Some
You would not believe how awesome these tights look with a skirt and sweater.

2 Totally Geometric

These can be rock and roll glam with combat boots, but you could also make them feminine by wearing heels instead.

3 Kitty Cat Garter Tights

Kitty Cat Garter
What would you wear these with? They're pretty dang adorable, arent' they?

4 You'll Love White Diamonds

You'll Love White
If you want to stick with white tights, choose a pair that has a fabulous design, like these diamond printed ones.

5 Super Tiny Polka Dots

Super Tiny Polka
These polka dot tights are great for wearing under your little black dress.

6 Black with a Gold Celestial Design

Black with a Gold Celestial
These adorable tights are well worth the price tag. They are warm and they have a fancy pattern that will get you loads of compliments.

7 How about a Comic Book Print?
The price tag is pretty hefty, but don't you think these cool tights would be totally worth it?

8 Try Something Really Different

Try Something Really
When you wear these tights, you can bet that no one else is going to have the same pair.

9 You Can't Go Wrong with Black Floral

What fabulous outfit would you wear these flowery tights with?

10 Black and Red Splash
Looking for a way to make your look totally edgy and unique? These tights are the perfect choice!

11 Wear Your Heart on Your Legs

Wear Your Heart on Your
You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but now you can wear it on your tights too.

12 Try Some Camo

Try Some
Give a girly skirt some tough chick vibe with these fantastic camo tights.

13 Cheetah Print is Adorable

Cheetah Print is
Pair these cute tights with a jean skirt and a leather jacket for an outfit everyone will love.

14 Pinstripe Tights Are Classy and Elegant
Your regular skirt suit for the office will look even better when paired with these tights.

15 Pair These with an Argyle Sweater
What could possibly look better with an argyle sweater than a pair or argyle tights?

16 Lovely Floral Lace is Always a Must Have
These elegant black floral tights can make any outfit more feminine. Do you love them?

17 For when You Need Lots of Color

For when You Need Lots of
Inject some color into your days with tights that are as awesome as these are!

18 Something Totally Unique

Something Totally
These tights have a reallycool design and you'll have to look closely to see everything they have to offer.

19 Perfect for Cold Weather

What could be more perfect for a cold fall (or winter) day than a pair of tights with snowflakes on them?

Do you wear tights? Which pair is on the top of your shopping list?

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