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21 Stunning Ways to Style a Blazer ...

By Lyndsie

So, I'm a huge fan of blazers, right? It's a fairly recent phenomenon, but they're my favorite outfit staple. Wear a blazer with a tee shirt, a tank, a skirt, a pair of capris … there are so many possibilities, many of which are office appropriate but still able to seamlessly transition from day to evening. Since winter is the perfect time for layering, I thought I'd share some of my top-most styling types – and please, please, please-please-please do share yours, too!

1 The Classic Blazer + Skirt Combo

The Classic Blazer + Skirt Combo Source:

This is a killer combo that's always on-point. The addition of a blazer and tights can take any ensemble to the next level.

2 Create a Pop of Color

Create a Pop of Color Source:

If you prefer monochromatic ensembles or simple black and white looks, injecting a little color is a great idea. This is what I advised my lovely wife @Heather to do when a few of her work frenemies accused her of being “goth” because she likes to wear all black. Well. First I told her to say something decidedly NSFW, but the blazer idea works, too.

3 The Ultimate Layering Option

The Ultimate Layering Option Source:

Blazers are perfect for layering, even if you have to get a little inventive.

4 Is That a Blazer or a Dress?

Is That a Blazer or a Dress? Source:

I've actually never seen this look before. I could not pull off this look, I don't have the legs for it, but it's pretty cute, I gotta say.

5 Cool, Casual, and Chic

Cool, Casual, and Chic Source:

Boyfriend jeans, a tee, and a blazer – simple but so stylish, you don't even need anything else. Well, no, scratch that. Take a page from this lovely woman's book and include phenomenal shoes, a fab purse, and the perfect pair of sunnies.

6 As a Kind of Coverup

As a Kind of Coverup Source:

But not really. Check out this outfit, though – if you're working a mini and a crop top but want a little more coverage, a complementary blazer brings together the whole thing.

7 Put Together Complementary Colors

Put Together Complementary Colors Source:

In addition to using a blazer for a single pop of color, you can put together a whole palette of complementary hues. The world needs more color blocking.

8 As a Suit

As a Suit Source:

This ain't your momma's power suit.

9 Laid-back Prep Appeal

Laid-back Prep Appeal Source:

This just screams “laid-back.” It's a perfect seaside look, ideal as a vacation ensemble, and comfortable enough for a day of errands or casual fun. Gotta love a low-maintenance outfit.

10 Modestly Menswear-inspired

Modestly Menswear-inspired Source:

I adore the clean crispness of this outfit – simple color palette, timeless pieces, a few statement-making details. This woman is doing it right.

11 An out-of-the-box Design

An out-of-the-box Design Source:

Is it a coat? Is it a blazer? Is it something in between? It's hella cute, whatever it is.

12 Like a Fashionista

Like a Fashionista Source:

Seriously, this is off-duty style at its finest. It's such a simple little outfit, but you'll never go wrong if you wear something like this.

13 Back to Black

Back to Black Source:

Black top, black blazer, black boots, worn blue jeans – this is literally all you need to look like a million dollars.

14 Winter Ready

Winter Ready Source:

Make like the Parisians, who know how to layer more stylishly than anyone in the world. Can you believe a blazer and a scarf can look this good together?

15 Make It a Statement Piece

Make It a Statement Piece Source:

I just want this entire outfit. At the very least, I must own that blazer.

16 Oversized and in Style

Oversized and in Style Source:

Who says you can't mix Boho chic with business casual?

17 Off-duty and on-point

Off-duty and on-point Source:

Everything about this outfit is awesome, from the stripes to the tights to that stunning, slouchy blazer.

18 Pretty in Pinstripes

Pretty in Pinstripes Source:

Pinstripes are always stylish. They lend a crisp, vintage air to any ensemble – though I prefer my pinstripes a bit more tailored, to be honest.

19 Tailored to Death

Tailored to Death Source:

Yeah, baby, something like this. The fit of the blazer alone takes the outfit up a notch, so it's classy and fitted even when paired with jeans and a button-up. Love that statement necklace, too!

20 Show off Your Wild Side

Show off Your Wild Side Source:

Remember, stalkers, animal print counts as a neutral. Endless possibilities!

21 Belted and Beautiful

Belted and Beautiful Source:

Promise me you'll never believe anyone who tells you that a blazer isn't appropriate as formal wear.

So, are you a blazer aficionado? What's your favorite way to style this versatile, must-have piece?

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