7 Sweaters to Wear This Winter No Matter Your Style ...


7 Sweaters to Wear This Winter No Matter Your Style ...
7 Sweaters to Wear This Winter No Matter Your Style ...

It’s officially sweater weather, which means that the search for sweaters for winter is in full swing. As someone who lives in a (very) cold-weather state, I don’t think I could survive without most of the sweaters for winter on this list. They’ll keep you warm on the coldest days without sacrificing your own sense of style, which isn’t always easy when it gets really cold. If you’re looking for the ultimate sweater to wear this winter, there will definitely be something on this list for you!

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The Cape

The Cape Since the day Taylor Swift wore her cape while walking around New York City, it seems like everyone is coveting a cape/poncho hybrid to wear while they go on their own adventures. It’s one of the most perfect sweaters for winter, no matter your style, because it will always keep you fashionable and warm! Sure, you may be a little wary to try this out after the poncho fiasco of 2004, but just convince yourself that this is much more chic. If Taylor Swift can rock it, so can you!


The Classic Cardigan

The Classic Cardigan You can’t go wrong with a classic cardigan. Whether you’re trying to create a more classic, refined style, or you simply just want to wear your favorite graphic tees without freezing to death in the cold, winter air, a simple cardigan will always come in handy! Plus, a cardigan is the perfect winter sweater, because you definitely already have at least one you can wear in your closet!


The Ripped up Sweater

The Ripped up Sweater Wildfox created an overwhelmingly popular trend over the past few years when they designed oversized sweaters that are ripped and torn apart, but look like you want them that way. You’ve probably seen every one of your favorite celebrities wearing them, whether it was on TV or on the street, but lately, many stores have been recreating the look, making it a fun trend that’s now affordable!


The Oversized Sweater

The Oversized Sweater The oversized sweater is perfect for nearly every situation you’re in, whether you have a last-minute coffee date or you need to catch a plane, an oversized sweater is always cute and comfortable. It’s perfect whether you need to look cute, or simply want to curl up on your couch for the night.


The Elbow Patches

The Elbow Patches Elbow patches used to be almost exclusive to college professors, but lately, they’ve become fair game for everyone, and they’re staring to become commonplace on women’s sweaters. When I was scrolling Pinterest the other day, I even noticed glitter elbow patches. They’re everywhere lately, so jump on this trend now!


The Fair Isle

The Fair Isle Although Fair Isle is typically a holiday sweater, they can also be worn throughout the entire winter season. They’re not exclusively holiday-wear, but they definitely scream winter, so if you’re looking for something to wear on your next ski trip, this is for you!


The Sweater Dress

The Sweater Dress Even if you have a fancier event to attend, you can still be cozy and comfortable in a sweater! Instead, wear a sweater dress with your favorite pair of boots to dress up and make a usually comfortable look become more sophisticated.

What’s your favorite sweater? What do you recommend to the any other girls reading this? Give them ideas in the comments!

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So not my style, I think I'll pass.

Well Lorde's neck is long

I like these but not number 1 and 3

Ripped sweater? Wuhhhh

I love pretty much any sweater. I wear sweaters all year around cx

The sweater dress is adorable I want it!

Its not so cute and all that but its a pass its like too cheesy and coaty and layered with directions of style

Not even one sweater is showing a taste. All rubbish.

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