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If I'm being totally honest, there's nothing I love more than cold weather because of the fact that it gives me the perfect excuse to pull out all of my incredibly cozy sweaters. With all of these reports of cold rain and sharp winds, I would rather not take my chances in this weather. One of the things that I love about living in New York is that there are so many boutiques that mainly focus on selling one-of-a-kind beautiful sweaters. That being said, if you're not sure where to look for cozy sweaters, this list has got you covered!

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Oversized Textured Knit Cardigan

Oversized Textured Knit Cardigan Get it here: forever21.com

Starting off this list of cozy sweaters is this beautiful oversized goodie from Forever 21. Don't be intimidated by its size; not only will it hug you in all the right places, it will gracefully hang off of your hips and make you look even slimmer! It even comes in a totally gorgeous navy and wine color.


Batman Graphic Sweatshirt

Batman Graphic Sweatshirt Get it here: forever21.com

Your inner comic book and superhero nerd will thank you later for snagging this awesome sweatshirt! The vintage touches (like the purposely fading color) definitely add to its overall appeal. If you're itching for a preppy look, layer this batman sweatshirt over a button down for the desired effect.


Crochet Hem Slub Pullover

Crochet Hem Slub Pullover Get it here: rue21.com

There is no question that cardigans are the best pieces to grab for those spur of the moment events! Why wouldn't you gift yourself this cozy sweater? As the perfect way to stay nice and toasty during those bitter months, you more than deserve it. The sexy crochet detailing featured along the bottom of this sweater makes it even more alluring.


Southwest Sweater Car Coat

Southwest Sweater Car Coat Get it here: rue21.com

The warm and rich colors of this next find are so on point! This would look perfect layered over an A-line dress paired with ankle boots. I can't get over how amazing the length of this piece is. It is also very versatile and can be worn to different occasions.


Olive & Oak Warmest Wishes Peach Knit Cardigan Sweater

Olive & Oak Warmest Wishes Peach Knit Cardigan Sweater Get it here: lulus.com

Get ready to wipe the drool from your mouth when you feast your eyes on this peach colored piece! This mix of colors is really relaxing. Can you imagine how sexy this peach knit cardigan would look with faux leather pants? Regardless of what your style preferences are, this is a really cool choice that you won't regret making!


Olive & Oak Little Leaguer Color Block Sweater

Get it here: lulus.com

Winter definitely wouldn't be the same without this little number hanging in your closet. For starters, this an example of color blocking done gloriously right; the rich burgundy that travels from shoulder to shoulder is incredibly classy. I think this would look fabulous with a brightly colored skirt.


Pastel Me Your Wish Sweater

Pastel Me Your Wish Sweater Get it here: modcloth.com

Lastly, this blend of pastel colors is so artfully done that it'll be hard to resist this sweater. This lightweight knit top will accentuate your curves and keep you warm at the same time. The pale blue and pink shades will look phenomenal on any skin tone. Who could argue with that?

Make sure you're prepared to stay cozy yet chic before the coldest months come along. Where do you shop for your favorite sweaters?

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