The Best Celebrity Fashion Lines out There ...

A lot of people think they should stay away from celebrity fashion lines because the clothes are just thrown together by someone who isn’t that celebrity. However, you’d be surprised just how much most celebrities are involved in their clothing line, and even more than that, just how cute the clothes are. Think about it—most celebrities have amazing fashion sense. They don’t want their name on something that looks terrible. If you haven’t discovered your favorite celebrity fashion line yet, look through this list and I’m sure you’ll find it on this list!

1. LC by Lauren Conrad

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If you have a pretty girly style, LC by Lauren Conrad is a great line to look through. I’ve personally always loved Lauren Conrad’s style, and I feel like I can get a little piece of that when I shop her collection for Kohl’s. Plus, in typical Kohl’s fashion, there are always amazing sales on most of her line!

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