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The Evolution of Fashion - Types of Swimsuits to Steal from the past ...

By Alison

Everything comes back into fashion eventually, so things that you wear now (and wonder later why you wore them) will be a 'retro' look for the next generation. One piece of clothing that we don't borrow from the past so much is swimwear. So if you'd like to bring a retro look to the beach this summer, steal your swimwear style from the past …

1 Bikini with Full Bottoms

Bikini with Full

If your stomach isn't the favorite part of your body, you might think that you have to avoid bikinis like the plague. But you can still wear a two-piece - yes, really! Conceal a less than perfect belly with a bikini that has full bottoms, like this retro beauty. The ruching on the front is another smart tactic for hiding parts that you don't want to show off.

2 Gingham One-Piece


This cute gingham swimsuit looks like something a young Brigitte Bardot might have worn. It has a very Fifties look and would be fun to wear on the beach or by the pool. Add a maxi skirt on top to take you from hotel to beach, or for sightseeing. A two-piece bikini in gingham would have the same retro appeal.

3 Pin-up Style


If you love the pin-up look, then opt for a nautical-style swimsuit like this one. It works on all figures; in fact, some might say that a pin-up should have a voluptuous figure! Style your hair in victory rolls and you could have stepped straight out of the 1940s.

4 Floral Two Piece

Floral Two

I have a picture of my mom (aged 20-something) in a two-piece very like this one - and she looked fabulous! Mom's beachwear style consisted of high-waisted bottoms and a halter top in a floral print. I think I might steal some of her style for my swimwear inspiration this year. Bikinis don't have to be revealing - high-waisted bottoms are every bit as stylish.

5 Shorts Style


If you're fed up with swimwear that doesn't cover your butt, this is the style for you. A shorts-style swimsuit will cover everything - and you won't get any horrid tan lines! This gorgeous striped swimsuit could easily have been worn by Marilyn Monroe, and will cover up any parts you're not happy with revealing. It's a real bombshell piece.

6 Skirted Swimsuit


Skirted swimsuits were really big decades ago, so if you'd like swimwear that covers your butt it could be the style for you. They look stunning on girls with fuller figures, and a bold color like this also looks amazing on darker skin tones. Skirted styles are also good if you're not comfortable in a revealing bikini.

7 Floral One-Piece


This floral one-piece also reminds me of swimwear my mom wore on holiday. Why go for a boring monotone bikini when you can have fabulous florals? The pleated front adds fullness, so is perfect for slimmer girls who want to add the illusion of curves.

So why not be a retro beach babe this summer? Vintage style makes you stand out, and who wants to look like everyone else on the beach (or anywhere)? Steal your swimwear style from the past - and remember, Mom knows best (and got there first!). Which decade of the past do you think had the best style?

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