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New York City is one of the meccas of the fashion world, and it shows when you see the fashion of people just walking down the street. If you're looking for some style inspiration, look no further than the streets of New York City. These women are killing the fashion game just by leaving the house!

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Blue Shirt, Full Skirt

white,clothing,dress,footwear,spring, Source: NYFW Street Style Day 4
This blue shirt is only made even more chic with the addition of this gorgeous, full skirt.


Add a Fedora

clothing,footwear,fashion,leg,spring, Source: Street Chic: Denim
A simple outfit can instantly played up with a cute hat.


Taylor Swift's Blazer

footwear,clothing,fashion,spring,supermodel, Source: Taylor Swift displays gazelle-like legs
Leave it to Taylor Swift to dominate New York street style, and this blazer and shorts combination is a perfect example of that.


Grunge Chic

hair,clothing,lady,girl,hairstyle, Source: New York Colors – EVELINAS
This outfit is somehow simultaneously both grunge and so chic.


Pink Midi Skirt

pink,clothing,sleeve,pattern,spring, Source: NYFW Street Style Day 5
The only thing better than the skirt in this outfit is the gorgeous pair of berry-colored heels she's wearing!


Blazer Vest

clothing,footwear,supermodel,fashion,spring, Source: The 10 Best Blogger Outfits
This mock blazer is so chic, and dressed down so well with the red sneakers.


Denim and Leather

denim,clothing,footwear,jeans,jacket, Source: Loafers we LOVE – And
What a fun way to wear denim in the summer!


Matching Set

clothing,lady,beauty,dress,fashion, Source: 71 Reasons Why Taylor Swift
This outfit is basically a game changer if you're a big fan of matching sets.


Taylor Swift Leaves the Gym

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring, Source: 16 Celebs in Their Signature
Yes, Taylor Swift is seriously leaving the gym in this picture. I really love the green and berry color contrast in this outfit!


Patterned Pants

clothing,pink,footwear,fashion,pattern, Source: Street Style Spring 2013: New
This outfit is instantly made more chic with the addition of these patterned pants. They're so mod!


Gigi Hadid Goes Casual

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,model, Source: Gigi Hadid takes a stroll
Leave it to Gigi Hadid to look this effortlessly stylish in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.


Statement Tee and Sparkly Skirt

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,spring, Source: This Is It — Over
This skirt is such a showstopper, and the shirt is a great touch.


T-Shirt Dress

black,footwear,clothing,dress,fashion, Source: 30 Ways to Make the
This simple t-shirt dress is so cute.


Gorgeous Head Scarf

clothing,road,footwear,lady,street, Source: On the Street…..Crosby St., New
I can't get over how obsessed I am with this head scarf and dress combination.


Audrey Hepburn Inspired

clothing,sleeve,footwear,outerwear,tights, Source: 27 Street-Style Shots Of Summertime
If I didn't know any better, I would've thought this was Audrey Hepburn.


Aqua Dress

clothing,blue,dress,lady,beauty, Source: A Spoonful of Style: Spring
This aqua dress is beautiful, especially with the clutch.


Denim on Denim

denim,clothing,blue,jeans,leather, Source: Street Style: New York Fashion
I think most of us would agree that denim on denim is not an ideal look, and yet this is a look that I'd wear every day.


Midi Skirt and Crop Top

color,clothing,road,yellow,spring, Source: The Fabric Store, Los Angeles
This chic midi skirt is only made better by the gorgeous crop top.


Candice Swanepoel

color,white,clothing,dress,beauty, Source: Girl on the Street: NYFW
Candice Swanepoel looks insanely beautiful in this simple crochet dress.


Geometric Dress

white,clothing,denim,sleeve,dress, Source: Streetlooks à la Fashion Week
Everything about this outfit reminds me of geometric lines. I love how sleek it looks because of that.


Rihanna in NYC

fashion, Source: Rihanna Has the Blue Coat
Rihanna's not exactly known for her toned down looks, but this simple outfit looks amazing on her!


Casual White and Denim

white,clothing,footwear,fashion,shorts, Source:
If only we all looked this stylish in a white blouse and cutoffs.


Blue Patterns

clothing,blue,footwear,beauty,girl, Source: 14 Game-Changing Street Style Stars
Everything about this blue outfit is, to put it simply, stunning.


High-Waisted Shorts

white,clothing,lady,dress,beauty, Source: Celebrity Street Style: A Ranked
I don't think anyone has ever made high-waisted shorts look this good.

What are your favorite New York summer street style looks? Let me know what inspires you when it comes to your fashion sense in the comments!

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Loved 23 look


All very beautiful. 😄

Like most of these. Love the skirt in the first one

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