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Embrace Summer by Wearing a White Button-down Shirt ...

By Sheila

Just like your basic white tee, your wardrobe is incomplete without a white button-down shirt, especially during summer. The best part is you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion and your mood, and it ALWAYS looks good! Here are 25 ways to rock a white button-down this summer.

Table of contents:

  1. Keep it casual with an oversized white shirt and denim cut-offs
  2. Slightly sheer with loose trousers
  3. Get whimsical with high waisted denims and a hat
  4. Try the classic blue jeans and white shirt combination. leopard shoes don't hurt either
  5. A white button down looks great with leather shorts
  6. Channel the 70s with flared jeans
  7. Black, white, and some statement sandals
  8. A mesh skirt is unusual and cool!
  9. Try it with grey denims and a chunky necklace
  10. A metallic skirt will make you look like an absolute fashionista!
  11. Button it up all the way and pair with a short skirt
  12. With printed shorts
  13. Bring out that statement necklace
  14. With the perfect printed pants for summer
  15. Office ready with your all white look
  16. With polka dotted pants and a crop jacket
  17. Full skirts are the need of the hour
  18. With a plaid skirt
  19. Try a sleeveless button down with a black skirt and statement belt
  20. Maximum comfort in a maxi skirt
  21. Get preppy
  22. With white wide legged trousers
  23. With a beautiful lace white skirt
  24. With graphic shorts and pumps
  25. Wear it as a shirt dress

1 Keep It Casual with an Oversized White Shirt and Denim Cut-offs

2 Slightly Sheer with Loose Trousers

3 Get Whimsical with High Waisted Denims and a Hat

4 Try the Classic Blue Jeans and White Shirt Combination. Leopard Shoes Don't Hurt Either

5 A White Button down Looks Great with Leather Shorts

6 Channel the 70s with Flared Jeans

7 Black, White, and Some Statement Sandals

8 A Mesh Skirt is Unusual and Cool!

9 Try It with Grey Denims and a Chunky Necklace

10 A Metallic Skirt Will Make You Look like an Absolute Fashionista!

11 Button It up All the Way and Pair with a Short Skirt

12 With Printed Shorts

13 Bring out That Statement Necklace

14 With the Perfect Printed Pants for Summer

15 Office Ready with Your All White Look

16 With Polka Dotted Pants and a Crop Jacket

17 Full Skirts Are the Need of the Hour

18 With a Plaid Skirt

19 Try a Sleeveless Button down with a Black Skirt and Statement Belt

20 Maximum Comfort in a Maxi Skirt

21 Get Preppy

22 With White Wide Legged Trousers

23 With a Beautiful Lace White Skirt

24 With Graphic Shorts and Pumps

25 Wear It as a Shirt Dress

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