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Summer is one of the best seasons for style, and one of the best places to pull style inspiration from is California. In most places in California, the weather stays pretty warm all year, so they have a better grasp on summer style than nearly anyone else in the country. Whether you're from California or simply looking to be inspired by Californians' style, this list is sure to help you out!

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Alessandra Ambrosio's Maxi Skirt

Alessandra Ambrosio's Maxi Skirt Source: Alessandra Photostream
Don't you just love the detailing on this gorgeous maxi skirt?


High Heels and Ripped Jeans

High Heels and Ripped Jeans Source: Audrina Patridge looks effortlessly cool
Leave it to one of The Hills alumni, Audrina Patridge, to completely rock the California grunge look.


Skater Girls

Skater Girls Source: Get the California Girl Look
There are so many different pieces of these outfits that I love, from the tank tops to the hats to the jackets, and even the shorts.


Fluffy Sweater

Fluffy Sweater Source: 13 Wearable Fashion Trends For
It's not always warm in California, so this outfit is perfect for the cooler days.


California Love Sweatshirt

California Love Sweatshirt Source: California Love Crewneck
This sweatshirt is perfect for the girl who loves her state!


Boho Mini Dress

Boho Mini Dress Source: Location Scouting & Road Trips
The slight paisley print of this dress reminds me of something you'd wear to Coachella!


Red, White, and Yellow

Red, White, and Yellow Source: Mix n’ Match. | Sincerely
What is about the red and white stripes paired with the yellow shoes that make this outfit so chic?


High-Waisted Shorts and Crop Tops

High-Waisted Shorts and Crop Tops Source:
Doesn't it seem like high-waisted shorts and crop tops are everyone's go-to California wardrobe?


Cream Kimono

Cream Kimono Source:
I think I just fell in love with this kimono!


Detailed Lace

Detailed Lace Source: Hapa Time - a California
As much as I love how detailed the lace is on the shirt, i love the tiny purse just as much!


Boho Chic

Boho Chic Source: FP Me Takes San Francisco!
Everything about this outfit from the hat to the billowy top to the shorts just scream California summer style.


Chambray and White

Chambray and White Source: A Sunday Well Spent in
This light chambray shirt is perfect for the hot California months.


Patterned Shorts Fun

Patterned Shorts Fun Source: Le Fashion: BOHO CHIC
These patterned shorts are absolutely stunning.


Retro Shirt

Retro Shirt Source: - Preen By Thornton
This retro shirt is adorable whether you live in California or not!


Vanessa Hudgens Maxi Dress

Vanessa Hudgens Maxi Dress Source: Vanessa Hudgens wears white dress
Don't we all want to be Vanessa Hudgens? This outfit is so California.


Audrina Patridge Does It Again

Audrina Patridge Does It Again Source: Best Casual Blazers Outfits for
Once again, this Hills alum perfectly embodies carefree California style.


Neon Dress

Neon Dress Source: 14 New Ways To Wear
This dress is so chic yet could be dressed up or down so easily.


Black and White

Black and White Source: San Francisco Style Inspiration
This shorts and sweater combination is perfect for the milder California temperatures.


Peasant Top and Capris

Peasant Top and Capris Source:
This gorgeous peasant top is only made better by the beautiful patterned pants!


Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top Source: Stylekick App
This top is so retro and cute, especially when paired with this skirt.


Cropped Sweaters and Shorts

Cropped Sweaters and Shorts Source:
This look encapsulates California style completely.


Mermaid off-Duty

Mermaid off-Duty Source: Mermaid Off Duty Rolling Tee
This one's for all of the beach girls out there!


Taylor Swift's Style

Taylor Swift's Style Source: 103 of Taylor Swift's Most
Taylor Swift has amazing style whether she's in New York or Los Angeles!


California Top

California Top Source: Riches for Rags
Not only is this shirt so cute, but so are the patterned shorts!


Ombré and White!

Ombré and White! Source: 50 Cool Summer Outfits For
This ombré top is so chic, and so are the sleek white shorts!

What are your favorite looks from this list? Did any inspire your summer wardrobe? I want to hear all about your summer style this year in the comments!

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Wow number 4 is for "cooler" days! Where I live in California it gets pretty cold in the fall and winter and that is not a cali outfit for a cool day... Who writes this stuff??

Why do you say California specifically? I'm just curious, because people from other places wear these kind of clothes too.


Calm down cherri. The infamous print that women in West Africa wear is originally from Indonesia which went to hollandaise but it wasn't received well so it went to West Africa and it worked so in a way you can argue that these women are wearing Asian clothes. Remember the world belongs to all of us. The so called Caucasian style as you put it is a style that belongs to everyone. It either suits someone or no one. Let's not delve into language that segregates people instead of integrating people.

Like Vanessa Hudgens White maxi and there's some nice stuff in the mix

Is there an age limit to wearing crop tops and high-waisted shorts? You see everyone from Taylor Swift to JLo rock in that look?


I love these styles so much

I feel this is more white culture.. It's more Caucasian sense of style. I feel we should have a variety of styles n cultures from all races. Feel this is racist

4, 12, 16

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