The New Jeans That'll Lift Your Booty to Make It Look Its Best ...


Have you heard of wedgie jeans? They don't have the most pleasant name, but they do something pretty darn amazing. They lift your booty to make it look its best! According to Us Magazine, it's what Kylie Jenner has been wearing.

These innovative new jeans are being sold by Levi and come in three different shades. There's a light pair, a dark pair, and a medium pair. That means you can wear them with any outfit.

You don't have to hit the gym to lift that booty when these jeans exist. Would you wear these pants that are meant to make your booty look extra beautiful?

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Wrangler Booty Up jeans are amazing

I think its the back pockets on jeans that can give a lifting or otherwise affect.

Oh God! Not those horrible mom jeans. Who the hell invented those? It' s like a huge mystery....

Can somebody please explain to me exactly what mom jeans look like?

Honestly I think these look horrible

Used to have so many of these types of Levi's jeans!!! God dammit.. Looks like I'm gonna have to go shopping :P (any excuse to spend money :P)

Those are called mom jeans lol

Or maybe nobody wants to take credit for those nightmarish faux pas. If you cab find it watch Saturday Night lives spoof on mom beans. Just get a pair of jeans that look good . I'm a mom and told my daughter if I EVER wear mom jeans, it's time to lock me up in the looney bin!

Omg I got rid of all my MOM jeans. 😜

They don't look that great...

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