These Body Positive Women Wore Bikinis and They Are Killing It ...


Rocking a bikini might sound daunting to women who aren't super comfortable in their own skin yet, but it can be a great first step to being a body positive woman and enjoying all the great benefits that comes with it! ❤️ ✨

Let's all get super inspired from these gorgeous women who are all killing it in their bikinis this summer! 👙☀️🌊

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Petite Women

clothing, swimwear, undergarment, swimsuit bottom, Who says small girls can't rock a bikini?! Don't be afraid to show that petite body off in a bright and colourful bikini - one that everyone will be super jealous off when they see you hitting the beach! It's never too soon to flaunt your natural slimness and small figure!


Embrace your shape with confidence and dare to be bold. Petite women often shy away from statement pieces because of the fear they might be overwhelming, but a well-fitted bikini can actually highlight your curves and elongate your figure. Opt for high-waisted bottoms to give the illusion of longer legs or a triangle top to enhance your bust. Remember, your small stature is your unique charm, and with the right bikini, you'll feel like a beach goddess. Patterns or solids, ruffles or smooth lines—find the swimwear that speaks to your style and own it with pride.


Rectangular Shaped Women

clothing, swimwear, product, maillot, swimsuit bottom, Want to make a statement this summer? Put on your favourite bikini and strut down to the beach without a care in the world! You will be amazed at how many people will be wishing they had your amazing bod to flaunt! Even if you're not totally confident with your body yet, sometimes it's good to take the risk anyway and watch as it totally pay off!


Pear Shaped Women

clothing, swimwear, undergarment, maillot, swimsuit bottom, Show off your amazing curves around your lower half in a bikini or one piece this summer! Not everyone has those curves around their waist, hips and bum so why not show it off and stand out from the crowd? Flaunt your slim figure at the beach this summer and watch as jaws drop in total awe!


Tall Women

clothing, vacation, swimwear, swimming pool, pool, Can someone say 'legs for days' because that's gotta be referring to you, girl! You're already half way there since your height gives you a real presence everywhere you go and makes you totally stand out! Now all you have to do is slip into a bikini and feel just as fabulous as you look!


Short Women

vacation, luxury yacht, vehicle, boating, boat, Who says short women can't wear a bikini and absolutely kill it?! Although you may be on the shorter side, don't let that stop you from feeling confident and flaunting an amazing bikini this summer! Challenge those taller women at the beach and give them a run for their money!


Hourglass Women

clothing, swimwear, turquoise, swimsuit bottom, underpants, Did you know that the hourglass figure is what many women wish they had naturally and is easily the most desirable body shape of them all? You should be super proud that you're an hourglass shape naturally, so what better way to show this than to totally own what you have by rocking a bikini?!


Super Curvy Women

clothing, swimwear, photo shoot, vacation, maillot, Girl, you have curves to die for and you need to rock them asap! You can pull off basically any kind of bikini because of your naturally blessed body with those killer curves from head to toe, and don't even get me started on that defined waist!

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Considering the title of this article, I'm rather perplexed as to why there are no larger ladies featured nor mentioned ?

Is it just me or have all of them "perfect" bikini bodies? I would have wanted to see more women in bikinis - maybe bigger ones, ones with stretch marks or older women - who are proud of rocking their bikini and being body positive! :)

Agree with what my fellow girls are saying!! ☝✌❣💌

Nobody wants to see fat people in bikinis - that's just the sad truth about our society.

Yeah this is so dumb all these girls r like 80 pounds wtf

Where are the big and beautiful women?

Hm is it possible to be short and hourglass shape at the same time? I haven't worn a bikini in years but I do have one that hasn't even gone out for an outing yet 🤔

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