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I, like almost the entire world, love Blake Lively. I love her for a lot of different reasons, but one of the things I love most about her is her style. She has a timeless style, and while I was compiling this list, it occurred to me. Blake Lively is the style icon of our generation in the same way Audrey Hepburn was years ago. If you agree with me, I'm sure you'll love this list!

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Sultry in Black

black,clothing,lady,footwear,tights, Source: 19 Times Blake Lively Made
How does she make this somewhat ridiculous look become one that everyone's desperate to recreate? My only guess is magic.


Lady in Red

photograph,woman,dress,beauty,ceremony, Source: nydailynews.com
Red is definitely Blake's color. Then again, every color is Blake's color.


Looking like a 60s Queen

hair,black and white,photography,beauty,monochrome photography, Source: The Weird Reason Blake Lively
This retro look makes Blake look like she came right out of the 1960s.


Ready for Anything

clothing,footwear,road,boot,street, Source: stylebistro.com
This look seems understated, but the blue scarf makes everything else pop.


White and Geometric

clothing,footwear,outerwear,leg,fashion, Source: theultralinx.com
I love the white on black look, and the geometric style is so chic.


Casual but Classic

clothing,jacket,leather,leather jacket,photo shoot, Source: Winter Season Accessories
This is such a casual look but the Burberry scarf makes it so sophisticated.


Stunning Red Carpet Dress

flooring,red carpet,gown,carpet,wedding reception, Source: 19 Times Blake Lively Made
Not only is she stunning, and not only does she have impeccable style, but she has arm candy that every woman has dreamed of. Teach us your ways, Blake Lively.


Nude Pink Dress

bride,woman,wedding dress,dress,wedding, Source: 65 Times Blake Lively Gave
This dress is so intricate and detailed, and she wears it beautifully.


Airport Styling

clothing,cap,footwear,outerwear,hat, Source: 10 Chic Celebrity Airport Looks
Has anyone ever looked this stylish at the airport? Even when she's wearing baggy sweaters, her style is amazing!


Retro Look

Glamour,clothing,blond,sleeve,dress, Source: How to Be a Glamour
I still remember the day I saw this magazine for the first time, and I still want to recreate this look badly!


The Pregnancy Announcement Heard round the World

clothing,dress,beauty,lady,gown, Source: Blake Lively Talks Pregnancy, Shares
I'm pretty sure that Blake made the world stand still for a few moments when she released this picture, if not because she announced she was pregnant, then because everyone loved this outfit so much.


Just Add a Scarf

clothing,footwear,boot,jeans,denim, Source: Skintight girl: Blake Lively steps
Is it just me or is it Blake's signature move to add a scarf to a plain outfit? This oversized scarf is beautiful!


Maternity Outerwear

clothing,footwear,costume,fashion,outerwear, Source: eonline.com
Even if you weren't pregnant, you were probably trying to figure out a way to make this coat yours. It's just so chic!


Lovely in Maroon

red carpet,flooring,carpet,gown,fashion, Source: m.eonline.com
Forget Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively brought the leg to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in this gorgeous maroon number.


Casual Maternity Style

clothing,lady,dress,footwear,fashion, Source: Blake Lively's Chic Mom-to-Be Style
Even when she's dressing down, her maternity style is flawless.


Lively in Pink

clothing,pink,beauty,hairstyle,supermodel, Source: Blake Lively on Her Met
It's rare that we see Blake Lively in pink, but it's a color that looks so amazing on her, especially in this dress.


Taking Some Inspiration from J.Lo

clothing,footwear,thigh,supermodel,leg, Source: Fashion World: Ladies Workwear
Before I saw her face, I probably would've told you that the woman in this picture was Jennifer Lopez. I love this crop top and pencil skirt combination on Blake!


Oversized Sweater

Source: Blake Lively sets pulses racing
Before I saw this picture, I sincerely thought it was physically impossible to wear an oversized sweater without looking like you're wearing a potato sack. Truly, how does she do it?


The Dress of Everyone's Dreams

red carpet,flooring,gown,dress,carpet, Source: 19 Times Blake Lively Made
I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this is the dress we would all live in 24/7 if we looked like she did all the time.


Beautiful in Gold

red carpet,flooring,dress,carpet,supermodel, Source: 19 Times Blake Lively Made
I'm fairly certain that Blake Lively singlehandedly brought back the "headband and teased hair" look when she wore this outfit.


White Dresses and Capes

white,clothing,footwear,fashion,leg, Source: Blake Lively
Blake Lively created a trend out of "mini capes" when she wore this gorgeous dress and cape.


In Age of Adaline

hair,person,woman,beauty,lady, Source: Get the Look: Every Decade
I am certain that this picture of Blake Lively in this dress alone could have convinced me to see this movie alone. I didn't even need to see a preview. That's how much I love this dress.


Floral with Texture

dress,clothing,gown,cocktail dress,fashion, Does anyone else remember when Blake Lively was known for her perfectly tousled beach hair? Paired with this psychedelic floral dress and beautiful shoes, this is the perfect look.


Her Best Maternity Look

Loreal Deutschland,hair,clothing,little black dress,dress, Source: Blake Lively's Chic Mom-to-Be Style
Seriously, has any pregnant woman rocked a backless dress as well as Blake Lively? Can she start giving lessons?


Oversized Pea Coat

hair,clothing,outerwear,hairstyle,brown hair, Source: the cinderella project: because every
I usually don't love dressing up for winter, but this outfit makes me wish it were winter so I could try to wear a coat like she does!


Retro Polka Dots

clothing,lady,leg,hairstyle,blond, Source: 20 Style Tips On How
I love all of the white with the red heels, it adds a spicy touch. I also love her hairstyle. It's something we all yearn for when trying to dress retro!


Everything She Wore at Cannes Was Perfect

clothing,dress,swimwear,cocktail dress,leg, Source: Cannes Cannes: The Best Film
This little number was just another example of how perfect her Cannes Film Festival style was.

Do you love Blake Lively's style? What was your favorite look on her? Let me know in the comments!

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I've always loved her! She's just so down-to-earth and laid back. Not to mention gorgeous. Her style is everything

I ADORE Blake!!! I love her style and her attitude too

I love Blake so much, she's beyond perfect! Everything looks great on her & she's such a down to earth person! 💘

I love her so much! She's such a sweetheart ❤️

😻😻😽تجنن ، she's so gorgeous I love her

Wow what a lady of true style and sophistication. She does it all without being trashy or tarty. It's hard to choose a favourite because she looks gorgeous in all of them. She's got it on trend with all of them

Loved her in Age of Adaline!!

Love Blake lively!

Caro- to the point!!

UGH WHY IS SHE SO GORGEOUS. i love her so much, just everything about her.

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