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Finding ways to repeat your favourite outfits without anybody realising can be tricky. However, there’s no point in shelving an outfit for months before its next outing for fear of being branded an outfit repeater. While there’s a general stigma around outfit repeating, sometimes you just love a piece of clothing or outfit so much that you have to show it off every chance you get! While I’d stop short of wearing the same thing multiple days in a row, there are plenty of ways to repeat your favourite outfits without raising eyebrows.

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Stick to the Basics

Stick to the Basics When looking at ways to repeat your favourite outfits, it’s much easier to repeat a plainer outfit than one that features bold prints and patterns. People will remember an eye catching print, but solid colours and basic designs will give you much more room to move. Wardrobe staples and basic accessories can be repeated as long as you style them differently each time.


Make Your Accessories Pop

Make Your Accessories Pop Outfit repeating can be a game of distraction. That is, drawing attention away from your clothing and onto your fabulous accessories. Trend-based accessories can be picked up at a range of affordable fashion stores and are a great way of updating an outfit. For example you could add a colourful side bag and sporty cap to work an athletic look or glam up your outfit up with a bejewelled necklace and compact clutch.


Add Outerwear

Add Outerwear Recycling an outfit can be as simple as popping on a jacket or coat. It might not sound like much, but it can hide the fact that you’re wearing an outfit that others might have seen before. A smart blazer can give an outfit a polished feel, while a bomber jacket can be a more youthful and on-trend touch.


Get Creative with Layers

Get Creative with Layers Make the most out of your wardrobe by getting creating with your layers. For example, a favourite dress can be turned into a ‘skirt’ by wearing a cropped t-shirt or sweater over the top. You could also try transforming a short shift dress into a tunic by wearing some leather-look pants or skinny jeans underneath.


Embrace the DIY

Embrace the DIY Make an outfit seem totally different with the help of an easy DIY project. Make a skirt appear shorter by temporarily tucking in and securing the hem, jazz up a pair of shoes with stick on bow details, or smarten up a shirt with a detachable collar. The only real limit is your creativity!


Alter Your Appearance

Alter Your Appearance Changing things like your hair and makeup can make all the difference when it comes to altering the overall look of an outfit. If you usually wear your hair and makeup in a certain way with your favourite outfit, opt for a totally different look if you’re going to repeat it.


Stake out the Crowd

Stake out the Crowd When all else fails, if you’re going to repeat an outfit from head-to-toe, save it for crowds who haven’t seen it before. That way you won’t run the risk of someone pointing out that they’ve seen you in the same outfit before. The only way you’ll get caught out is if there’s photographic evidence of you wearing the exact same outfit to multiple events!

When it comes to outfit repeating, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. These are just a few tips to make the fact that you’re repeating an outfit a little less obvious. What are your tips for repeating and recycling your favourite outfits?

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Miranda Kerr's photo...stunning. I'd hang that up on my wall any day.


I love nimbler 4!

I repeat outfits all the time haha... Who needs that many clothes and who really thinks people care THAT MUCH about what you wear?

Love Miranda Kerr!!!

I've never worn an outfit more than once. Nothing against it, just hasn't happened yet.

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