10 Staple Fashion Tips Every Woman Must Know ...


The best thing about fashion is that you are free to experiment and explore as much as you'd like. Of course it helps to know some basic tips that will help you look your best. Guest contributor Marina De Giovanni shares some staple fashion tips that will turn you into a fashionista!

We’ve all been there. Over-accessorised, underdressed and hobbled in heels. It’s very easy to make a fashion mistake if you don’t know the dos and don’ts so here are 10 staple fashion tips every woman must know.

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Know Your Colours

Know Your Colours Know which colours will complement you the most to avoid making the wrong purchase. If you have cool undertones, white, black, grey, silver, and shades of blue work best for you. And if you have warm undertones, opt for shades of yellow, gold, brown, green and red.


Know Your Neckline

Know Your Neckline The neckline of your clothing is supposed to flatter your face so make sure that it suits you.


Don’t over-accessorise

Don’t over-accessorise Who doesn’t love accessories, but be careful not to overdo it. If you’re wearing too many rings people won’t know where to look, same goes with bangles, and if you're wearing statement earrings then don’t also wear a bold necklace, and vice versa.


When in Doubt, Overdress

When in Doubt, Overdress Sometimes it’s hard to know what to wear to an event, especially if there isn’t a dress code. There is nothing worse than showing up underdressed, so when if doubt just overdress. Over dressing has never done any harm – if anything you’ll be the best dressed!


A Wallet is an Investment

A Wallet is an Investment Nothing is more embarrassing than a shabby (but not chic) wallet, especially if you’re sporting a designer handbag. A wallet will last you at least 10 years so invest something of exceptional quality that is a classic style, rather than seasonal.


Think Twice with Belts

Think Twice with Belts The purpose of a belt is to hold your pants up, or give you a waist when wearing something loose. Too often I see women wearing tight clothes with belts – which is pointless and doesn’t look flattering, so think twice when you pull a belt on.


Don’t Bare All

Don’t Bare All Overexposure is something I see way too often! If you’re showing your cleavage, cover your legs and if it’s your legs that are on show cover up on top. Simple.


Stock up on Staples

Stock up on Staples Know your staples and stock up on them; from the classic white shirt, to the little black dress or trench coat. Your staples are classic pieces that are the foundations of all your outfits so invest well.


Don’t do White under White

Don’t do White under White A commonly overlooked error women make is wearing white underwear under white clothes. White emphasises white, so opt for nude and no one will see a thing.


Make Sure You Can Walk

Make Sure You Can Walk Too many women (myself included) have purchased uncomfortable heels for the love of fashion. Although we put up with the pain, if you knew what you looked like attempting to walk in super high or uncomfortable heels you’d think twice.

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Must be fashionable also

Just follow Emma Easton's style

Biggest tip: wear what makes you happy, confident, and comfortable (:

Great tips!

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