5 Pro Tips to Find the Right Bra for You ...


5 Pro Tips to Find the Right Bra for You ...
5 Pro Tips to Find the Right Bra for You ...

Do you need some tips for finding the right bra? A bra is usually the most difficult piece of clothing for a woman to buy. The size of the bra can be different for every different style and you might need a bigger size on the days before you get your period. Here are some tips for finding the right bra that you should know before you go shopping.

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The Way It Fits

Watch for these signs. If the back strap is rising on your back, if it leaves marks on your skin, if it leaves empty space and doesn’t touch the skin between your breasts and if the straps keep falling down your shoulders no matter how you adjust them, then this bra is not the right size for you. And that's one of the most important tips for finding the right bra.


Optical Tips

If you want your breasts to look smaller, look for a bra that is covering them as much as possible. If you want them to look bigger then try one with padding. Be careful though, don’t exaggerate with the padding and make sure you wear the right top.



Bras “live” for 12 to 18 months. After that, the elastic parts start to wear out and it loses the ability to support your breasts. If you want to keep it for longer make sure to let it “rest”. Don’t use the same bra for long periods of time. And make sure that you don’t stuff them too tight in your drawers. Let them breathe.


The Law of Gravity in Reverse

Bras support your breasts from the bottom, not by lifting them. If the size is wrong, no matter how much you adjust the straps the only thing you will manage to do is to hurt the skin on your shoulders and not support your breasts.


Wider Straps

If your bra size is right, but the straps still hurt your shoulders then don’t change the bra, change the straps. Try some wider ones that won’t leave any marks behind.

Finding the right bra might take some time but it’s worth it. Make sure to choose the right one for you and don’t hesitate to try on as many as you want until you find the right one. Now, don’t just stand there. Go shopping!

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