8 Fabulous Tips for Successful Vintage Shopping ...


Tips for vintage shopping can help you find some great deals, and some great pieces. For those fashion mavens who enjoy scouring the racks at their local thrift shops, here are 8 tips for vintage shopping from one fashionista who is absolutely obsessed with throwback boutiques. One of the toughest things about being addicted to vintage is that vintage shopping excursions are generally hit or miss: one day you’ll find that perfect fringed suede vest you’ve always coveted and the next you’ll spend hours rummaging to find only one mildly attractive $2 T-shirt. Boost your vintage shopping acumen with these simple and proven tips for vintage shopping!

1. Know What You Want

The beauty of vintage shopping perhaps lies in the fact that it’s an excellent way to define your style while saving money. While high-end vintage boutiques do stock excellent product, less expensive stores can give you better bang for your buck. The danger? Letting the minimal price tags persuade you to buy more. While vintage shopping know the look you’re going for and stick do it -- this is one of the most essential tips for vintage shopping you'll find. If you’re looking for a ’70s vibe, say no to the pumps that remind you so much of the ’50s. Not only will this keep the cost down, but it’ll help you to identify your era of expertise and refine your look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Pieces Modified
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