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8 Fashion Tips on How to Wear Yellow This Winter ...

By Sophia

How To Wear Yellow in winter can be a frustrating dilemma. A colour that is most often associated with sunny summer weather, yellow can be a bit hard to pull off during the winter months. However, a touch of yellow can be the perfect remedy to a dreary winter’s day. Not everyone is accustomed to wearing this colour, so knowing how to wear yellow is a great bit of fashion knowledge. Below are just a few tips on how to wear yellow this upcoming winter.

1 On Your Face

A pair of yellow sunglasses is guaranteed to brighten your features. Clear yellow-tinted frames are a fashion forward choice, while opaque frames are more youthful. Solid yellow frames can be quite bold and harsh, while clearer frames are softer on the features.

2 On Your Nails

Yellow nail polish, be it pastel or neon, is a stylish way to wear the colour this winter. Once thought of as an odd choice for the nails, this colour is enjoying it’s time in the spotlight. Yellow nail polish is also great for those who don’t want to commit or spend money on trend-based yellow clothes and accessories.


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3 On Your Shoulder

Wear one of the season’s hottest trends by slinging a neon yellow handbag over your shoulder. Choose a streamlined satchel design to balance out the statement-making yellow colour. If you want to know how to wear yellow this way, the key is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly fuss-free.

4 Around Your Neck

Really make a statement with a yellow necklace. You can choose a collar-style necklace in a block yellow colour (such as those seen at the recent Sass & Bide show during London Fashion Week), or ones with just hints of yellow. The great thing about wearing yellow this way is that you can adjust the level of colour to suit your personal tastes.

5 On Your Legs

Coloured jeans and trousers are popular choices this winter. If you’re going to experiment with this trend, why not opt for a yellow pair? There are a range of yellows in the colour spectrum – it’s just a matter of suiting the one that you like best.

6 As a Belt

A yellow belt is great for adding a hint of colour to an outfit. When looking at how to wear yellow this way, choose a skinny belt with a glossy patent finish. Use it to belt in a black tweed shift dress, or team it with a high-waisted indigo denim skirt.

7 As a Sweater

A yellow sweater is a great way of incorporating colour into your winter wardrobe. A sunshine yellow sweater is just what you need to add a pop of colour to an outfit. Wear it against a grey and white colour palette for a truly chic look. If bright yellow doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always go for pastel or mustard hues.

8 With Black and White Prints

While you may be tempted to colour block your yellow pieces of clothing, keep it winter-appropriate with a colour palette of black and white. Neutral colours are great for anchoring a yellow outfit. For how to wear yellow this way, polka dots are an on-trend choice while geometric prints are a bit more mod-inspired.

Yellow may not be to everyone’s tastes, but there are a variety of ways to incorporate it into your winter wardrobe. When looking at how to wear yellow, the key is to you’re your outfit fairly fuss-free. What are your best pointers for how to wear yellow this winter?

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