7 Tips on How to Dress for the Gym ...

It isn’t always easy trying to figure out how to dress for the gym. You may be tempted to spend an entire paycheck on cute workout clothes, or you may think that your old shirts from gym class are just fine. However, that isn’t always the case, and these tips on how to dress for the gym will help you not only stay stylish, but help you get your best workout.

1. Ditch the Makeup

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Yes, I know this tip seems like a tip on how to dress for the gym that doesn’t need to be said and yet, you probably see at least a few women with a full face of makeup every time you go to the gym. How are you supposed to get a good workout in if you’re constantly worried about your makeup clogging your pores? Even if you only wear a little bit of cover-up, remove all of your makeup to be sure your skin can breathe!

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