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Don’t get me wrong; I love an all-black wardrobe as much as the next person. In fact, sometimes, looking through my closet sometimes feels like I’m just looking into a black hole, because everything’s the same color. However, as the weather starts warming up, I, and I’m sure a lot of other people, want to add some color to our wardrobes. Spring is the perfect time to add color to our wardrobes, and even though it’s not technically spring yet; you’re probably pining for some spring weather! These tips will undoubtedly help get you jumpstarted on a new colorful wardrobe!

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Befriend Patterns

Befriend Patterns If you’re looking to mix things up in your black wardrobe but don’t really want to go crazy with color just yet, looking for different patterns may be just what you need to begin with! Patterns mix things up a little bit, but you can control just how outlandish you want to go by picking out patterns you’re comfortable with!


Go for a Few Statement Pieces

Go for a Few Statement Pieces Statement pieces are all the rage right now, making it the perfect time to incorporate a few into your wardrobe. Take this as an opportunity to incorporate color into your wardrobe, by going for pieces that will add a pop of color to your all-black wardrobe. For example, a pair of neon pumps would pair perfectly with your favorite little black dress!


Splurge on Accessories

Splurge on Accessories I love accessories, because they’re easy to find for pretty cheap prices, and they instantly spice up an outfit that I’m tired of. Pick out a ton of accessories that you absolutely love, and you’ll want to wear them whenever you can. Plus, the more eccentric you go, the more you’ll spice up your wardrobe!


Get a New Haircut

Get a New Haircut Sometimes you just really need a drastic change, and sometimes changing up your wardrobe won’t satisfy that need for change. If you’re really looking for change, try a haircut. It will instantly breathe new life into your wardrobe and make you excited to get ready in the morning again!


Nail Polish

Nail Polish Sometimes, you just need a pop of color, but you don’t want to go too crazy. That’s where nail polish comes in. It adds a splash of color, will help brighten your mood, and it’s easy to switch up often. It seems like an easy tip, but you’ll be surprised by how it can change up your wardrobe!


Try Pastels

Try Pastels As someone who is guilty of having a mostly-black wardrobe, I find that the easiest way to add color to my wardrobe when I’m not feeling too adventurous is to reach for pastels. Especially in the spring, colors like mint green and baby pink always look great with my black wardrobe. It’s an easy way to add color without changing too much!


Go Crazy but Not Too Crazy

Go Crazy but Not Too Crazy If you really don’t want to change up the color in your wardrobe but are still looking for a change, try different pieces. Buy crop tops, different pants you never thought you’d wear, a crazy dress you’ve always wanted to try, or something else entirely. It doesn’t have to be a bright color to be something new in your closet!

How are you going to change up your all-black wardrobe? I’m already coming up with so many new ideas I want to try as the weather warms up! Leave me your own ideas in the comments!

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I reckon if you go to Melbourne in Australia, you see a LOT of black no matter what season - I have to say, it gets very boring in winter lol!

Absolutely all black with a statement piece perfect❤️

Add gold, colored or big jewelry to your total black look it always work

A nice bright red lipstick would do the job

Try different texture and fabrications. That adds interest to all black outfits. X

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