7 Tips on Being Comfortable Yet Cute when Lounging ...


7 Tips on Being Comfortable Yet Cute when Lounging ...
7 Tips on Being Comfortable Yet Cute when Lounging ...

If I’m being honest here, I can say with certainty that one of my fashion goals is to find a good balance between comfortable and cute loungewear. It’s difficult to find cute loungewear, something that you love that doesn’t also look frumpy. As a result of my own search for the perfect cute yet comfortable loungewear, I came up with this list of tips to help you find your own perfect loungewear! You may be surprised at just how simple these tips are, but they really will help you find the perfect look for you!

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Invest in Pajama Sets

There’s something so adorable about pajama sets. Maybe they’re just super in style right now, but it seems like everywhere I go, I find even cuter pajama sets than what I found before! My current favorite store to find pajama sets is Forever 21—they have a wide variety of styles and patterns. There’s something for everyone!


Find Clothes That Double as Loungewear

You would be surprised at the amount of clothes that are in style right now that can double as loungewear. For example, there are jogger sweatpants that are dressy enough to wear into the office! Find something like jogger pants, or even an embellished sweater, that you love a lot, but also feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable enough to wear it around the house while also feeling chic in your outfit, you’ve hit the jackpot!


Find Your Perfect Graphic Tee

I’m a believer in the idea that there’s a perfect graphic tee out there for everyone, and that they make the perfect loungewear. Everyone prefers a different style, fit, and fabric, so it may take a little bit of looking around, but once you find your perfect graphic tee, you’ll never want to take it off!


Buy a Robe

What is about robes that automatically relax you the moment you put it on? They’re so luxurious and comforting, and yet people shy away from them out of fear of being perceived as lazy. Shy away from that instinct—you never know when you might have a tough day and need something soft and fuzzy to look forward to when you come home!


Lounge Shirt

As stylish as pajama sets have become this season, it seems like lounge shirts have become even bigger. Lounge shirts take that classic cliché of wearing your boyfriend’s button-down to a whole new level. Lounge shirts were made specifically for women, although they look like they weren’t. They fit like your boyfriend’s favorite button-down and they’re just as comfortable! You’ll find a great style at Victoria’s Secret!

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Try out a Maxi Dress

While I’ve never been able to muster up the courage to rock a maxi dress, whenever I try them on, I’m amazed by how comfortable they are. If you’re looking to be comfy while also staying stylish, the maxi dress is a perfect option for you. Maxi dresses are the pajamas of the dress world.


Add a Scarf

No matter what you’re doing, whether you’re working out, running errands, or simply lounging at home, a scarf can add some jazz to a boring lounging outfit. It seems like a simple tip, but once you start implementing it, you’ll notice a difference in your everyday lounging style!

How do you get comfy but cute when lounging? Give me some tips in the comments!

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Maxi dress won't take you from lounging to bed time though ... Bit silly I think ..

The rest of these ideas work

I lounge in maxi dresses all the time. Especially in the hot summer.

Wear a long robe back-to-front - instant Snuggie!

I love maxi dresses too. Dressy enough for church, but the resist thing to slip on when you're still tired in the morning.

Easiest* not resist. Sorry for my autocorrect.

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