7 Exciting Fashion Color Trends of 2012 ...


7 Exciting Fashion Color Trends of 2012 ...
7 Exciting Fashion Color Trends of 2012 ...

Fashion color trends 2012 are diverse, interesting and definitely something that will please any woman’s taste! The list of popular colors and prints this year as well as all possible outfits you can allow yourself to wear runs so long that you’ll definitely enjoy every single letter of it! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss new trends right now:

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Prada and Vuitton agree on at least one thing – popular colors for the season! And while the first suggest pairing your pale pastels with bolder, brighter details, «Uncle Louie» think your pastel pieces would look much better when worn with other pastels. Mix and match your pieces for a unique, interesting look or go for a safe bet and dress yourself in the same pastel shade head to toe!



From orange and tangerine to lemon and lime, fashion color trends 2012 are pretty simple – if it looks like something you’d drink or eat on a hot summer day, wear it! Good news for all of you who have been investing in orange basics in 2010 and 2011!


Whacked Prints

Feeling crazy? No problem – just throw on every possible print you own and you’re half done! But really, as strange as it may sound, whacked prints do have a pretty fair amount of followers! And judging by the number of designers who chose to show them on runways and the amount of unthinkable combos, it’s pretty clear that prints will be one of the 2012 trends you’ll get to see around town. Would I ever opt for a blindingly brightly printed pantsuit? Probably not but hey… just so you know that the trend is out there!


Color Blocking

Great news for all of you color block fans – your favorite bright, solid colored outfits are going to be super stylish this year too! No need to shop for a new look then, especially when Marc Jacobs says so! Throw in a pastel shade or two in case you want to really want to keep up with the fashion color trends 2012 and continue on being as fabulously creative as always!



Metallic shades are still one of the most popular colors for the season and, guess what – they are still considered neutral! You can take Vuitton’s advice and opt for metallic shoes to complete your outfit or go one step further and incorporate a bold metallic color into your look by choosing a skirt or a pair of pants that will really and I mean REALLY make you the star of the evening!


Pink, Pink and More Pink

From pretty, cotton-candy pastels to strong fuchsia pieces – pink is not the color you’d want to miss out on this season! Isn’t that great! These new trends are finally allowing us big girls to enjoy just any shade of pink we want without having to give up looking, being and acting as grown-ups in the process!



Both natural and neutral colors still rate very high on the fashion color trends 2012 list which pretty much means that you don’t have to go crazy to be stylish! Earthy colors such as greens and golds are not as bright and vibrant as they were last season which makes them ideal for pairing up with other neturals or even pastels. Good old sand, tan and beige pieces will still be your favorite spring summer friends which means that you don’t have to invest in more than a few accessories in case you want to give your looks a refreshing mini makeover.

Are there any fashion color trends 2012 that you especially like and look forward to? And which of these popular colors are you planning to wear more of this sunny season?

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Most of 2011's trends have come be to defined. New York City's Spring 2012 Fashion Week touched both ends of the spectrum, and then some.

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