8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012 ...


8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012 ...
8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012 ...

Classy fashion trends are the safest way to play in the Fashion sandbox. The majority of fashion trends can be made classy and sophisticated. Take a seasonal pattern or color and just ensure you make it feminine, flattering and tasteful; it’s a sure way to strut with Coco Chanel class. I love making trends work for me, but better yet I love making a seasonal style a classy fashion trend. Here is my take on 8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012:

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Art Deco Graphics

Art Deco Graphics Art Deco gives off a slick yet chic vibe. Its structured lines and shapes are just so perfectly placed. We can thank Paris for Art Deco, as it began there in the 1920’s - but we can only thank designers for incorporating it into their designs, and making its way into our closets. One very prominent Fashion Trend to play with for 2012.



Florals Feminine, Fancy and Fresh. I love the modern take on Floral prints this season, more chic and in your face and a little less grandma’s couch. When you do florals this season, let it be loud and lovely.



Birds Taken literally and symbolically, trending this year is the Bird. I am in love with this classy fashion trend; it had my heart at hello. Wear it in an image, or strut feather for a more inspired look.



Tangerine As yummy as it is gorgeous, this trend hit the runway this year with a pow! Worn as your pop of color paired with neutrals or live on the edge and make it the entire ensemble. Whichever way you choose to wear it, Tangerine in my mind, is the classy not so playful version of pink.



Peplum The Peplum trend is one I will adopt with open arms. Perfect for so many body shapes, the Peplum trend will give you hips if you so desire, all while smoothing out and hiding those who have enough. A classy fashion trend that will no doubt stick around for the entire year.



Pastels No longer just the color of Easter, Pastels have hit the runway beautifully. Soft, Subtle and Feminine… is their really 3 better words to describe this Classy Fashion Trend?


Drop Waist

Drop Waist Not always the easiest trend to pull off, but when done right, screams attention. Showing a woman’s beautiful curves the drop waist will have you commanding attention all while speaking in the tongue of Coco Chanel. Grace, Beauty and Class.


Matte Satin

Matte Satin Matte Satin might just be the classy fashion trend I appreciate most. More than ready to push aside its older sibling Shiny Satin, I believe this trend is going to speak many languages and stick around for some time. Classy should really be it’s middle name.

It's hard to choose which one of these Classy Fashion Trends is my favorite, however, I'm looking forward to strutting each and every one of them. What Fashion Trend do you feel screams class? Which out of my 8 is your desired classy fashion trend?

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