7 Affordable Online Stores Packed with Fabulous Dresses ...


7 Affordable Online Stores Packed with Fabulous Dresses ...
7 Affordable Online Stores Packed with Fabulous Dresses ...

I’m pretty sure that if you are just like me, a fashion-junkie, you would like to know which are the most affordable online stores out there, because I’m pretty sure it would be hard for you to defeat the online shopping temptation, a guilty pleasure that would surely have a negative effect on your monthly budget. Also, I absolutely love dresses; all kinds of dresses, I always have, even since I was a little girl. I believe that nothing is more feminine than a dress that reflects your true self and your true personality, so I always thought that a dress is the most important piece in any woman’s wardrobe. That being said, I would like to tell you about a few affordable online stores packed with fabulous dresses, stores that I absolutely love and that I visit quite often... maybe too often.

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Boohoo is one of the UK’s leading and most affordable online stores, filled with tones of stylish clothes and accessories and of course, packed with fabulous dresses. They have all kinds of incredible dresses inspired by the latest catwalk and celebrity trends. I absolutely adore this online store; I always find there the perfect dress for every occasion and at an affordable price. They always offer discounts for students and if you live in the UK, you can benefit from free delivery and your order will arrive the next day. I believe that this is definitely one of the stores that is worth to be checked out and I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.



Forever21 is another online store that swallows a good part of my money every month. They have a lot of beautiful clothes, especially dresses, which are very colorful and trendy and of course, appropriate for my pretty low budget. A big plus of this store is the fact that the quality of their clothes is pretty high even though their prices are quite low. I definitely think that this is the kind of store that once you’ve visited it, you’ll always come back again for more.



The H&M stores could best be described as fashion and quality at affordable prices. What I like a lot about this brand (besides the large variety of amazing dresses that they always have), that I think makes it even more special, is the fact that they have worked with a lot of famous fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace and this season, Isabel Marant; designers that created especially for them incredible collections inspired by their entire work. Also the clothes designed by these famous fashion gurus have prices to suit every pocket so everybody could enjoy their wonderful little pieces of art.



In this online store you could really find the dress of your dreams. There’s plenty to choose from! One particular aspect that I love about this store is the fact that they always offer different types of discounts for the shipping costs and sometimes, depending on the items you buy, the shipping can be totally free. Also, they receive new items every day so, be sure that you can always find there something new and original that will suit your fashion needs.



This online store really has some of the hottest dresses you can buy online at a very high quality. A minus is the fact that their clothes are a bit pricier than the ones from the other online stores I talked about so far, but you can try their sale section and you can surely find there something you’ll definitely like. I think this store is worth to be visited from time to time because you never know what you can find on sale, maybe it’s exactly the dress you need at an affordable price.



This online store has an amazing motto: Be Frugal! Be Fabulous! I think that says it all! You can find there lots of really beautiful dresses at incredible low prices. You’ll never believe it! And they’re good quality too! This is definitely one of my favorite online shops because it’s always filled with all sort of cute and colorful dresses.



And last, but definitely not least, I present you Sammy Dress, one of the most inexpensive online stores mainly dedicated to dress lovers, but of course, you can always find there anything you could possibly need. They also have free shipping for a lot of the items that they sale and even though their prices are really low, you’d be surprised how good is the quality of the fabrics they use.

This are a few of the online stores I visit very frequently (as I said maybe too frequently) that really satisfy my shopaholic needs. Have you bought something from any of these sites? Do you know any other interesting and affordable online stores with lots of fabulous dresses, stores worth visiting from time to time?

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I think I just found a few new guilty pleasures!

Thanks for the article

Google companies for reviews n ratings if unsure.

awful company do not shop didn't even ship my items for a month i opened a paypal dispute


It does allow you to shop online but only in certain countries: UK, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Austria. It would be nice if they could offer this opportunity in other countries too. Maybe in the future...

Looks like Sammy is a failure. So many complaints!

Have you shopped these stores? Cause the Sammy one seems so low I'm scared to shop it lol

Thanks Julia Marie

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