9 Warm but Seriously Sexy Sweaters ...

Sexy Sweaters are probably my favorite thing about winter. I adore sweaters – they're versatile, comfortable, warm, and yeah, they're very flattering as well. You can find lots of sexy sweaters that are winter-ready – and they aren't all cropped, see through, or even form-fitting. You'll see some of those, sure, but for the most part the sexy sweaters I have to share with you are totally appropriate for the season, warm but absolutely gorgeous!

1. Knitted Spot Mesh Jumper

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Price: $76.00 at us.topshop.com
Although this is one of the more expensive sexy sweaters on this list, I couldn't resist. I typically veer toward black sweaters, because black will ALWAYS be the new black, but it was the design of this that caught my eye. The optical effect of the sweetheart neckline made out of mesh is just too sexy! It creates cleavage in a tasteful but adorable way – you can't go wrong with that!

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