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7 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt ...

By Christina

What do Fashionistas love? Pencil skirts, for they compliment your figure and give you the appearance of height. They display a woman’s confidence and femininity. Pencil skirts are a way for a woman’s imagination to experiment with a variety of styles. Celebrities and fashion magazines constantly showcase an array of skirts in a plethora of fabrics, prints, textures and colors. Get on top of this fashion trend and learn ways to wear a pencil skirt to look fabulous.

Table of contents:

  1. Striking designs
  2. Hip casual
  3. Flashy elegance
  4. Color block genie
  5. Denim casual
  6. Retro goddess
  7. Glitterati

1 Striking Designs

Forget the grays and blacks; go for pencil skirts with colorful, attractive prints. Pair a beautiful print design with a solid blouse and heels; add a few color-coordinated accessories. Your look will give you the upscale effect that attracts admiring glances. You have the choice of flowers, abstracts and if you’re feeling the jungle-fever, try animal print pencil skirts.

2 Hip Casual

Alexa Chung, for the London premiere of The Dark Knight, personalized a black pencil skirt with her own style. She wore a silky blouse, a short sleeved blazer and accessorized with an ornamental pendant. The union of these fashion items created a very modish look which is very simple to recreate. Better still; find a lovely crop top or sweater for your high-waist pencil skirt. A balanced color combination gets you ready for any occasion.

3 Flashy Elegance

For a classic style, team a pencil skirt in a bright eye-catching color like neon with a muted print blouse, tucked in. Embellish your attire with stylish metallic jewelry and define your waist with a trendy belt. This ensemble exudes tasteful femininity.

4 Color Block Genie

If you want an outfit with more exuberance, color blocking is all the rage. Vocalize your cheerful mood with a color block skirt and play it off with a snazzy blouse. Printed tops go well with two-paneled pencil skirts, but for multiple panels, trust only single colored tops. Don’t restrict yourselves to blouses; try tank tops, pretty t-shirts and sexy tube tops. Your jewelry must be cohesive with the overwhelming support for color.

5 Denim Casual

As denim pants are popular, so are denim pencil skirts for their uptown aura and often, when they feel dressed down. You can find them in dark blue, distressed or print denim for your weekend fun. Any informal blouse with a good fit is best, tuck in or not, and throw on jewelry that has a playful vibe. Polish up your denim skirt for a dinner party by squeezing into a bodysuit, strapping on stilettos and decking yourself in sparkly jewelry.

6 Retro Goddess

Show your love for the TV show Mad Men by replicating the high fashion of Joan. Work the retro look with a high-waist pencil skirt and a harmonized turtleneck, or a t-shirt, tucked in. Glamorize with pointy heels, bold jewelry and a fashionable belt. To take the look further, create a glossy French twist. Include a few modern elements for an amazing retro/modern combination.

7 Glitterati

You can own the persona of an urbane it-girl in a metallic pencil skirt. The best match-ups are a chic blouse and heels or strut-worthy wedges. If your blouse or any accessory contains a little glitter, the ensemble practically glows. Thinking subtle sultry, tank tops and t-shirts are viable. Belts and fine jewelry contribute to the oomph factor. My favorite look is a print metallic pencil skirt coupled with a classy blouse, matched by fine jewelry.

Which of these is your own favorite way to wear a pencil skirt? Or do you have another suggestion on how to wear the trend? Please share; I would love to hear your ideas!

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