7 Ways to Wear Black without Being Boring ...


7 Ways to Wear Black without Being Boring ...
7 Ways to Wear Black without Being Boring ...

There are plenty of ways to wear black without being boring. We’ve all heard the lines that black is slimming and it goes with everything but sometimes head to toe black outfits, while classic, can seem a bit bland. This is especially the case when you take into account all the colourful clothing that is trending at the moment. If you find yourself wearing a lot of black and want to shake things up a bit, take a look at these different ways to wear black without being boring.

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Play with Proportion

Play with Proportion An easy way to wear black without being boring is to choose clothes with interesting shapes, silhouettes, and proportions. Try a black top with exaggerated sleeves or a dress with an interesting silhouette. Peplums are still popular but this season try clothes with exaggerated frills and ruffles to add some drama to your look. Playing with shape and proportion is a great way for you to stand out in your black clothes.


Layer up

Layer up Layers! Layers! Layers! Make your all-black outfit more interesting by working in a few different layers. Cleverly layered pieces on the top half look great when balanced out with a slim silhouette on your bottom half. Try a few light layers on your top half, like a fitted top and draped jacket teamed with black skinny jeans or a fitted skirt. Also try playing with contrasting fabrics to amp up the look.


Experiment with Texture

Experiment with Texture Following on from the previous tip, the texture of the fabric can make all the difference when putting together an all-black outfit. Look out for contrasting black fabrics that will create interesting combinations. For example, try teaming sheer fabrics with denim, lace with leather, and satin with faux furs. Playing around with texture will instantly lift an all-black look.


Show Some Skin

Show Some Skin No, we’re not talking about plunging necklines and barely-there dresses. Instead, keep an eye out for black clothing with cheeky cut out details. Think dresses with triangular cut outs at the sides or maybe a shirt with cut out shoulders or an open back. Showing a hint of skin will add some daring details to your all-black outfit.


Add Black Jewellery

Add Black Jewellery Add some attitude to your outfit with black jewellery. It will add another element to an all-black outfit. Black resin cuffs can look edgy while a chunky floral necklace can add a dark and romantic touch to an outfit.


Look Good in Leather

Look Good in Leather Anything leather or leather-look is on-trend right now. Make this trend work for you by wearing black leather-look clothing. It could be an edgy dress, boxy top or sleek trousers - just as long as it’s got that leather look about it. Some black leather-look clothing is one way to add some contemporary flair to your outfit.


Amp up the Accessories

Amp up the Accessories Take your all-black outfit to the next level with some statement-making accessories. Try a statement shoe, embellished handbag, or even a risqué corset or harness. Patent leathers and finishes are great for adding some shine to an all-black look. Also try going for unexpected accessories to make your all-black outfit seem that little bit less ‘safe.’

Wearing black doesn't always have to be boring or safe. These are just a few tips that will hopefully give your all-black outfit that extra wow factor. What tips do you have for wearing black without being boring?

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When I wear all black I just try to look confident :) You can also try bright coloured shoes! And I like to braid my hair into two braids, looks kinda hipster :)

@ Adriana Wear all black with a confident attitude & you'll stand out.

Wearing black or all black is definitely a perfect way to show off your jewelry/accessories! & perfect to add a pop of color !

Thanks for the article! I always worry I won't stand out if I wear black

I love adding bright pieces of jewellery, to make the outfit pop !

Black works every time! When in doubt go for black with bright jewelry!

I love black. Great article!

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