7 Ways to Wear Spring Fashion Trends Now ...


Spring fashion trends for the year have been on the table for a while now. Thanks to the Spring 2012 runway shows which debuted late last year, weโ€™ve had ample time to mull over what weโ€™ll be adding to our wardrobes come spring. However, you can always get ahead of the pack by trying out a spring fashion trend or two now. Take a look at the following fashion trends for spring and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe now.

1. Wear Colour

Spring colour palettes are heavily focused on pastels and blue hues. You donโ€™t have to wait for spring to start wearing these colours! Work some coloured knits, coats, or pants into your winter wardrobe. You can wear them one at a time, or try your hand at colour blocking and wear them all at once for springโ€™s hottest look. Focusing on a spring colour palette is one of the easiest ways to wear spring fashion trends now.

Dressed-down Tulle
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