9 Tips on How to Wear New Season Prints ...

How to wear prints successfully can be your key to creating a perfectly pulled together look. Knowing how to wear print clothes is more important than ever, what with the current trend for everything printed. From blazers, to dresses, to pants – if it’s printed then the fashion world is telling you to wear it! Take a look at the following tips on how to wear prints stylishly.

1. Head to Toe

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Head-to-toe prints are usually a big no-no, but it’s a look that has been spotted a fair bit lately. The most popular interpretation of this trend is the floral printed blazer and pants combination. This is also probably the easiest way to wear this trend when it comes to how to wear prints. Anchor the look with a neutral shirt and accessories.

2. Colour Code

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Complement your printed piece of clothing by keeping the rest of your outfit in the same kind of colour scheme. Pair separates or choose accessories by picking out a colour from the print. If you’re mixing two prints together (especially when going for the head-to-toe look) try and choose ones in similar colours.

3. Neutrals

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Neutral separates or accessories will help let your clothes shine when it comes to how to wear prints stylishly. A strong print paired with white, black or cream separates can really make prints pop.

4. Block Colours

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This tip for how to wear prints clothes is in the same vein as the colour coding tip. The spring/summer season is all about colour, so teaming your new season prints with colourful separates is the way to go.

5. On the Bottom

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While we may be used to wearing printed dresses and tops, when looking at how to wear prints this season why not try wearing them on your lower half? A pair of printed pants or shorts will look fresh teamed with a crisp white shirt.

6. Accessories

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If wearing printed clothing is a bit much for you, then try adding some prints to your outfit in the form of accessories. This is one of the simplest tips for how to wear prints this season. Add animal printed belt here or a tribal print clutch there, and voila, you’ve got an instantly updated outfit.

7. Careful Clashing

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Mixed or clashed prints have been a very popular look of late. However, it can be one that is quite hard to pull off. Make this look work by picking prints in similar colours, balancing out their sizes (big prints with small prints etc.) and pairing funkier prints with timeless ones like Breton stripes.

8. Bomber Style

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The bomber jacket is making a comeback this season and choosing one in an eye-catching print is a fun way to work the trend. It’s also a look that has been popular on the designer catwalks. When looking at how to wear prints this way, balance out the sporty style by teaming it with a short shift dress.

9. Show Some Skin

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Big prints can sometimes swamp you and take you into eccentric grandmother territory. To overcome appearing too dowdy, show a little bit of skin with your printed outfit. Bare shoulders, a low cut back, or a little bit of leg is all that’s needed to vamp up your new season prints.

How to wear print clothes is something that takes a bit of time to master. It does involve a lot of experimenting to see what works best for you. What are your best pointers for how to wear prints stylishly?

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