The Best 👏🏼 Bikini 👙 Based on Your Body Shape 🤔 ...


Bikinis come in so many different styles, colours and cuts to suit lots of different body shapes that women have! It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so sometimes it may take a while to choose one that feels right and makes you feel as beautiful as you are!

Knowing the ideal bikini for your body shape can make you feel much more confident and is sure to do your body justice!

Enjoy the experience when you next go bikini shopping and think of it as a bit of self-pampering!

1. Apple

Apple body shapes generally have a fullness around their middle. So for bikinis, you want to draw attention to the lower half of your body since you tend to be larger in the bust area.

Try to avoid bandeau or boob-tube styled tops to prevent any accidental slips (there's a good chance this will happen!) - these bikini tops generally don't provide much support. Try to stick to plain tops in simple styles and minimal patterns.

Instead, look for styles that offer more support such as halter-necks, underwire and/or padding. Also look for one-pieces as these will really accentuate your natural curves.

For bottoms opt for any with sequins, patterns, embellishments or frills are great ways of drawing attention to your lower half.

Pear / Triangle
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