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Sexy Bralettes Will Make Crop Tops a Thing of the past ...

By Jessica

Bras are a wardrobe necessity for most women (although wearing them is a personal choice) and can even be an investment. The right bra can change how a top drapes on your body, making it either frumpy or fab! Bras are also uncomfortable and restricting, especially in the summer. Enter bralettes!

Table of contents:

  1. What they are
  2. How to wear them
  3. Find your style
  4. Find your color
  5. Think of your support needs
  6. Dare to wear them alone!
  7. Perfect for low-cut tops

1 What They Are

Bralettes are lacy, gorgeous bras and usually have minimal support, no wires or clasps. They are designed to be worn and seen under loose tops, giving a relaxed, boho vibe! Bralettes are comfortable, versatile and simply perfect.

2 How to Wear Them

I have a few bralettes and can attest to the fact that they are incredible versatile. I wear them casually under loose tanks, with peek-a-boo slits in the sides and back, under t-shirts, and even dressed up under formal tops and dresses. They add the perfect amount of feminine flare!

3 Find Your Style

There are so many styles of bralettes it can be hard to choose. They can be v-neck, high neck, halter top, strappy backed, and so on. Some brands are quite expensive but my favorite brands are American Eagle and Victoria's Secret- they have a wide selection, amazing fit & feel, and the price is just right!

4 Find Your Color

Just like any bra, you want to select the right color for your bralettes. Peek into your closet and take note of what color palettes you're drawn too. Since bralettes tend to peek out in most tops (the neckline, under the arm, etc), you'll want to pick colors that work with your style and current color palette!

5 Think of Your Support Needs

In all honestly, Bralettes are easier to wear if you have a smaller chest. But don't let that turn you off from them if you're bigger up top! It's simply a matter of finding the right style and support. And remember to read reviews! They are so helpful for determining proper fit and comfort levels.

6 Dare to Wear Them Alone!

I've seen many blog posts and photos just browsing Pinterest, of fashionistas who wear bralettes alone with a high-waisted bottom. It's so chic and stylish and covers a lot more than you think! Be bold and try out this look.

7 Perfect for Low-cut Tops

Do you have a particular top or two that hangs too low for comfort? A regular bra might bare it all but when paired with a bralette, that low-cut, loose fitting top suddenly becomes more stylish and comfortable. I've recycled a lot of older tops
because of bralettes!

Because bralettes are so versatile, I totally consider them a summer wardrobe staple! I just love how pretty they look and feel, and they can even be worn to bed! Do you ladies love them as much as I do or do you prefer a more traditional bra?

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